Explain this. Noob account consistently outperforms high level account

For a long time my gut tells me that there is something very wrong with my main account. You read on here how everything is RNG and how the lack of tiles is only at the start of each board and thereafter random.

I wanted to post before that all the fun have been sucked out the game because of the blatant manipulation of boards, but this is well documented. I do agree you have bad boards & bad days, but when it occurs consistently to one account red flags jump up.

Main account : 4k USD | L60 | 58 maxed incl Elemental down | Multiple high level troops
Noob account: F2P | L40 | 1 max 4* team, 6 x L3/60 | L1 3* troops
Friend’s account: C2P | L 50 | Mixed bag
Play style: Raid 3/2 & Titan 4/1

The penny dropped when I decided to take my main account to our noob alliance from a Top 100 alliance fighting 12* titans with a no skip policy.

How it unfolded:

Since the introduction of RT the main account got such terrible boards, it usually ends up eliminated by day 3. The noob account performs much better. (aware it’s matched differently, that does not explain why the boards are so much worse)
12* Titan hits were so poor, if no high level items were used, scores would range between 6-10k. No amount of tornado’s could fix this, literally had to search for moves, resorting to auto play at times.

Took the account to the noob alliance where the alt is. Going to blast that 7* Titan out the water right? Wrong! The noob account consistently outscores the main by some margin. What now? Approached my neighbour whom I introduced to the game, maybe I’m a bad player. He joined our noob alliance and we decided to perform each others Titan hits a few times. A week has gone by now and we’ve established two things. In both our hands the main account performs much worse at every corner and when I hit the Titan with his account my average score was better.

Side note. I’m approaching 180 summons with no HoTM and only one 5*. That is incredibly unlucky according to the choir boys, now I suspect luck has nothing to do with it at all.

Questions: If high level accounts get worse boards & odds why is the main so much worse than my friends? Zynga made news a few years ago and caused a lot of unhappiness because of rigged practices in their poker game, did I incur the wrath of a dev?

There is a saying that when a lie is told often enough people will start to believe it…so what is really going on here? RNG can’t explain this away.

Game wide issue - adding my opinion while I’m at it.
It is not a test of skill nor is it enjoyable if gameplay is so heavily manipulated that you have no tiles showing up time after time in Raids, AW, RT even when you try to recover from a bad board. Challenging fights is my favourite, but these days you know the outcome by the time the board loads.

This is not a rant. It is a very calm post raising concerns.


Errh … hummm…
Bad karma…
Or… RNG…
Underestimate the power of low lvl titans, how long have you been with the 2 accounts together?
Have you recorded the data?
I cant explain for another thing than RNG… or bad karma…

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I agree with everything you have included in your message. This game has extreme manipulation going on, and the players are just turning a blind eye and looking the other way, while they continue to send money to the creators of this fiasco. It is not just manipulation, but there is much discrimination going on. We are not all being offered the same “special offers.”


Your skill is the same but on your main accout you will fight players with heroes stronger than yours due to how the pairing works.

Try to play with the same heroes/items as the ones in your new account to be able to compare them correctly on titans.


You missed this:

The main account have way better heroes in every single colour including elemental down. What will that achieve apart from adding more proof or suggest that when using high level items & heroes that some script kick in to penalize a player?

No, I didn’t missed it. It’s just that the reason were the pairing as the boards are the same for all players: random

If you are feeling that your accounts gets different RNG-treatment what you should do to get a fair comparison would be to hits the same level of titans with the same tools (heroes & items).
If then you would still find said different RNG-treatment and your tests would say that it would happen regardless of the same heroes/targets/boards (try many fights if possible) then you could be sure about it, be it true or not :slight_smile:


Are you suggesting that using low level items & heroes might yield better or at the very least different results? That will confirm that there is code that manipulate it and throw the whole RNG argument out the window.

I will hit with the Grimms instead of the Frida’s, etc, still doesn’t explain why much better heroes fair so much worse. All it will proof is that we’re wasting our money chasing Titan specialists

And record the hits. If you just say it, no one will believe you.


What @FraVit93 suggests is very reasonable.

I can imagine that, against titans (lets say green), your main can field a team of:

  • 1 maxed defense debuffer hero (red)
  • 1 maxed color defense debuffer hero (red)
  • 1 maxed attack buffer hero (red)
  • Ranvir or Wukong
  • 1 maxed hero with high attack stat (red)

If you don’t want against green, choose the color you want.

Against that same titan, I’m pretty sure your alt isn’t able to field at the same time all those heroes. But you claim that you are consistently hitting for more damage with your alt than your main. That’s only explainable if there is a manipulation on your main account as you suggest.

So the test would be to field exact the same team in both main and alt (or very similar) and fight exact the same titan.

Wait until a titan spawns (lets say green), and field the exact same team, lets say

  • Boldtusk
  • Wilbur
  • Scarlett
  • Colen
  • Wukong

And see the result after the same number of hits on both accounts.

If not green, try other titan in which you can ensure you can field the exact same team.

If your alt still outscores your main, you can keep believing on manipulation. If your main outscores your alt, then you know that your main is not affected by manipulation.

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No one who is NOT writing a rant needs to write this.

No one who is writing a very calm post raising concerns needs to write this.


How do you program discrimination?

How constructive. Your worthless input has been noted.

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I think he might be referring to special offers certain players used to receive while others didn’t. That is long ago however and as far as I know they’ve put a stop to that. Apart from the “Welcome from the Dead” offer if I’m not mistaken.

Has it though? I think that you believe your saying something imbues that thing with a certain amount of truth. Is that honestly the understanding you took away from my post? Or did you dismiss it as trite?


This phrase is totally me…

Sure there are luck in the way. But there are also bad days and bad boards. I can’t explain how I lose 3 times agaisnt a 4200 tp team. And win constantly to a Team same Def, but stronger 4400, tp. Same tank same flanks etc. Just more stronger cause the emblems a d troops. With the same atack formation. The rbg is for bad boards, worst boards, OK boards and a 1% good boards

I’m wondering what you feel is the benefit of rigging the boards specifically against you?


One of the heavies from our Top alliance decided to restock at the noob alliance and he made an interesting comment the other day in chat during AW. He said he took in weaker teams on purpose to ensure better boards.

Il do cup drops from time to time. Just for the fun of getting really good boards. When I’m above 2k cups the boards are great. But i climb too easy to 2600 again in 1day. Bit had fun in raids again

That seems far fetched, but I still carry the scars from my Zynga poker days, so maybe a little. I’m more inclined to think that better teams carry some penalty. I record all my titan hits and am a big believer that when you take in premium items you get worse boards. That could be explained away of course since you are distracted by items which eats up time. The only thing I can’t explain away is the fact that I perform much better on my friends account which is not far behind mine with almost the same roster