Explain me how !?

How Kolen can make damage more than Joun ? Kolen makes more than 1800 damage in total, than Joun hits 4* Kolen only for 600+ ! Developers y made Kolen for unfair play ? Explain me How !?

All the ‘attack all’ characters do more damage in total than the single strike people. They also have brutally slow (unless you get a great board) mana generation where Joon I think has a very fast one.

Dude, 4* and 5* heroes. Joon have 450+% per hit and where is it, hited 4* only for 640 ? And Kolen have 180% and makes 300+ damage for all heroes. Is it fair ? Or just stupid mistake ?

No, different use cases.

AE attacks are slower to generate typically (slow mana) which means they do one thing and pretty much only one thing well, and that’s tank on defenses. Some people may disagree but I find them too long to charge everywhere else and they’re suboptimal on titans except for stats and therefore tile damage. Vivica as a slower buffer maybe excepted but at 70 she’s nothing special in my opinion.

Joon is flatly amazing on raid attack, and pretty much everywhere else, and does higher damage to a single target than Colen does.

Also balancing: a 4* at 70 is actually slightly better stat wise than a 5* at 70 and that is by design.

I don’t have Joon but I do have Colen: I haven’t bothered to level Colen at all, mostly because he’s a one hit wonder and is underwhelming everywhere else… and if I had Joon, he’s a hold the phone get him levelled now hero.

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Working as intended. Colen is slow so he does more total damage but Joon is much faster and does all damage to one, with a much bigger chance to kill a hero, while Colen usually just injures, not kills people. And looks like his Colen was higher level than your Joon.

It all plays into the strategy. Do you like brutal, fast one hit kill potential or like team damaging specials, like Arien noted. Totally fair in my mind, and I would prefer Joon anyways as I have found being able to kill off stronger opponents faster is more my kind of strategy.

I now this is an older post, but I’m a Colen fan. I guess that, under ideal conditions, Colen’s Fire Storm might have the highest amount of damage in one shot, in the entire game. Colen has a very high attack state for a 4*, almost as high as Joon’s and it hits all five targets (if alive). 180% x 5 is 900% damage with almost the same attack stat as Joon + 330 x 5 over 6 turns… that is probably a five times greater total amount of damage compared to what Joon does. I know for a fact that, with the right board, Colen is dangerous even for a maxed 5* team. If Colen gets to use his special things tend to get ugly for the opposing team unless they have a charged healer / status cleanser like Rigard. Now… Colen might or might not get one shot on a raid, but I bet Joon never gets five shots. So don’t underestimate Colen.

Colen is just the best 4* of this game for me. If it skill hits you, the game is over unless you have a Rigard to heal right after & clean his dot. This hero is the stupidest.

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