Expert's Guide to Empires & Puzzles

After creating the Beginner’s Guide to E&P I was inspired to add a series for more advanced players. This is a brand new series and I will be adding new videos to this post as I complete them. Enjoy!

Ep. 01 - Introduction

Ep. 02 - Power Leveling

Ep. 03 - Emblems

Ep. 04 - Troops

Ep. 05 - Advanced Buildings

Ep. 06 - Attack Teams

Ep. 07 - Titan Parts

Ep. 08 - Level 12+ Titans

Ep. 09 - Tournaments

Ep. 10 - War Strategy


Cool… FYI, sound is a little weird at 2:40 to 3:00, sounds like a clip of audio from a different 30-pull video goes over it?

I’m just getting to the point where I can start to prep some of this stuff, so I’m glad to have a guide to where I should begin. Thanks!

Good gaming!


Wow, thanks for pointing that out @Fizban ! Somehow an artifact from a previous video got left behind but I fixed it. It’s good to go now.


Episode 3 posted. Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


As a buckeye fan living in Columbus I refuse to watch. Lol


I guess I’ll be seeing you in Columbus this year! Haha. We’ll get you this time :wink:


@NittanyLionRoar Thanks for taking the time to put these together! ! am especially finding the emblem one to be useful for me. Looking forward to more great and helpful videos!

I’ve received a lot of requests for a video on troops, so here you go! “Ep. 04 - Troops” is now posted.


Episode 5 is up everyone! This one is about the advanced buildings that are currently available.

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Episode 6 is up! Hopefully it helps you to build strong attack teams.

I just uploaded Episode 7. This one is about Titan Parts…enjoy!

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Episode 8 just went up! It’s all about fighting 12+ star titans.

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Wow this is awesome! Can’t wait to be able to utilize these tools

Episodes 9 and 10 are now up! They cover the weekly raid tournaments and wars. These are the last expert’s videos until we get new buildings. Subscribe if you’d like to see my other videos:


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