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I believe many posters are familiar with the raid data I’ve posted (most recent edition). As we’re all in quarantine, I thought now would be a great time to share some of my hard-won knowledge. The key to being a successful raider is the same as all aspects of this game; make the most of your precious resources.

That’s easy when we’re talking about top shelf heroes. Anyone can easily use and win with heroes like Ariel, Gravemaker, Hel, Alberich, etc. But a skilled player can differentiate themself by also winning with subpar heroes. As such, in this thread I will be focusing ONLY on unpopular heroes: how to use them and how to get the most out of them.


Hu Tao

Hu Tao is almost comedically weak. Hit base attack of 603 is well below average for a four star hero. Normally that would be compensated for by boosted defense and hit points, but that is not the case for Hu Tao. His stats in those categories are barely above average. This is a serious issue, as his slow mana speed means he often needs to survive a long time to actually use his special skill.

That said, he is a huge part of the META in the current raid tournament (Rush Attack, 4 star or lower, Dark heroes disallowed). This tournament is literally the perfect scenario for Hu Tao, on both offense and defense. As such, you should be able to fire him in most scenarios.

Hu Tao



Another hero relevant in the META of the current raid tournament, as well as all rush tournaments. Colen has a five star attack, making him a common choice for events and titans. However, he is incredibly fragile. It is notable that he and Hu Tao are both have slow mana but are in the Fighter class: the ideal scenario is that they revive and have a last second chance of firing their devastating specials.

But to truly understand and get the most out of Colen I believe you need to understand where his power comes from.




My SO nicknamed them Jagweed.

Agwe has two best use case scenarios:

  1. Cleric trials, where heroes that have damaging special skills are rare.
  2. Nature disallowed buff booster tournaments.

The first scenario is a weak use case, especially since they will likely have a lot of competition for emblems, which they would need to be more effective. And in a buff booster tournament their likely competition are all superior heroes: Kiril and Triton give more / better / faster buffs, Grimm, Sonya, and probably even Boril have more valuable effects.

Blue AoE attackers are rare-ish, so that relegates Agwe to…farming? Yeesh. Verdict: feed to other blue heroes. I cannot make a usage case here.




Revive is an extremely useful skill; the nature heroes who bring their teammates back can easily be game-changing: Alberich, Mother North, Heimdall, and even Muggy to some extent. The Fighter class is also fantastic, especially for a healer like Boldtusk or Delilah, since they may become immediately viable again. Tyr also looks good so far.

Any hero with a revive mechanism cannot be dismissed out of hand. Atomos comes back with good hit points and a useful self-cleanse (so he can’t be re-killed with only a DoT, whereas Fighters who come back with a single hit point are susceptible to even a weak Wound from a Barbarian). He’s a great boss and benefits from the lack of a fire dispeller in the game. Those who revile him are likely not putting him in the right situations. It turns out there’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.



Guardian Owl

As one of the rare Very Slow mana speed heroes in the game, Guardian Owl’s special needs to be game-changing if/when it finally goes off. And it is. For maximum effectiveness several of Owl’s teammates need to be dead.

Guardian Owl

And Guardian Owl be like, ‘lol- I don’t gaf!’ That makes building proper team synergy difficult. But they are the best dressed hero in the game and their special skill has a great name.



Khagan looks tough. As his mana is slow he’s either supposed to be a sturdy tank (à la Kunchen) or launch a game changing special from the wing (à la Azlar).

Khagan Hopes

However, looking at his stats he has substantially below average defense, making him a difficult proposition at tank. And his special doesn’t do much. Because it only covers him and his neighbors (rather than the full team, as it probably should), positioning him is difficult.

At tank there’s a good chance he’ll die before firing. Even if he does he only covers the flanks and is likely to die immediately after. Meaning the benefit of his mana boost is reduced, as the attacker will likely only be focused on one side of the defensive wedge.

At flank he likely won’t fire until the tank is dead, meaning he only benefits himself and a single neighbor. Plus his buffs can again be mitigated by simply attacking the other side.

And at wing he only has one neighbor at best.

Khagan Reality



Let’s contrast Khagan with another slow fire hero, Azlar. Azlar is even more fragile than Khagan, but has a much higher attack stat. Right away that at least makes them a viable titan and event option. And, unlike Khagan, their special is actually game changing. It’s a not insignificant initial hit with a long burn that can easily be fatal if not cleansed.

That makes Azlar a viable option at wing, as they fit the necessary criteria for slow mana (legitimate major effect that could swing the raid).

Elsewhere I have written that I think Elena and Isarnia are better options at tank than most people believe because, despite being slow mana and relatively fragile, their specials are devastating (especially Elena, because her Fighter class revive mechanism can occasionally mean she fires despite a solid effort to prevent it). Azlar slightly fits into this category, though not as well (I would definitely prefer to tank Elena).

The bottom line is that Azlar is bad***. So much so that we really need two images here to fully appreciate his special.

Azlar 1

Azlar 2



Chao is a bit of an oddity. Both his Ranger class and fast mana speed both indicate he should be an attack oriented hero. And yet his attack stat is well below average.

There are two solutions:

  1. Ignore him.
  2. Emblem him up along an attack path.

Chao 2


Jack O’Hare

In contrast with Chao, Jack O’Hare is a hero with great synergy.

  • His attack is off the charts - above average even for five star heroes.
  • The Ranger class is great to further boost their attack, as well as give them the useful Pierce talent.
  • Jack O’Hare is a rare hero: one of the few full AoE attackers with fast mana.

All of those factors combine to make it more likely Jack O’Hare does massive damage before dying. And death is very likely. They are incredibly fragile and their self-debuff won’t help matters.

At least, someone is certainly going to die.



Boomer is widely regarded as a purple Agwe, so I’m sure you’re expecting my analysis to be unkind. Certainly, that sums up the general consensus on him.

Boomer 1

If anything, I think he’s even worse. His attack stat is pathetic, to the extent that a few extra hit points hardly make up for it. Additionally, his buff covers only his neighbors, meaning his value even in a buff booster tournament is limited. Whereas Agwe faces strong competition among four star blue heroes, many of whom have better buffs, Boomer should fare better. Cyprian and Costumer Rigard are the most common purple buffers, but Boomer still doesn’t really fit in.

All that said,



Kashhrek is the premier four star tank, essentially the equivalent of Guinevere early in the game. Each Empires & Puzzles player probably goes through a stage where Kashhrek is everywhere and very challenging to beat in raids.

However, as those players acquire Guardian Falcon and / or more powerful heroes, Kashhrek’s time ends and he fades into the mists of obscurity. Even well emblemed they can no longer compete.




Mok-Arr is a great concept. His mechanism to damage his teammates is unique and reflected in his great artwork. He looks fierce and those weapons totally would hurt teammates by accident in a battle.


Mok-Arr’s high attack makes titans and events his best usages, in addition to purple heavy stacks in raids. But they have no place in defense due to their team harming tendencies. They’re particularly wasted at tank, where they’ll almost invariably be flanked by a holy hero, or at flank, where they’re almost invariably flanking a holy tank.


Guardian Kong

Guardian Kong’s stats are very skewed: crazy high attack stat with the trade-off of ridiculously low defense. Which makes him formidable in all tile situations (titans, events) and in raids when you can reliably fire his special. Say, as a follow up / finisher to a Boltusk / Falcon / Wilbur type combination.

Guardian Kong

If you know this reference it’d really be more impactful if you watched a gif, but I didn’t want to circumvent the censor.



Quintus is a poorly regarded hero. Yes, he has high damage and yes he now has a costume which amplifies it further. But the most common view is that it seems to turn him into Horghall, one of the other most widely panned five star heroes from season 1.

Costume or not, his primary problem is the slow mana speed. He does massive damage when he fires, but it is too unlikely.



Thank you for your INFO and great job!!! If you have more detalia to add I’ll be happy to read, once again thanks!!!

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Great write up @IvyTheTerrible, it went right into my alliance notes. Thank you for spending the time.


I would love to but without emblems he is to weak to play defense if compared with all the other 4* +18+!
If you are at a stage where you dont run heavyly emblemed 4* heros you are of course right! :smile:

I started the game April 2018 and finished the Christmas event 2018 with the following heros.

2xChao, L.J., Tiburtus and Kiril.

So I have to break a lance for Chao. Give him the right support ( boost his attack/lower ops. defense ) and his mana control will pull you through situations you never expected! :smile:

My first 5* hero was Quintus followed by Mokk-Arr! :face_vomiting:
So fasr he is siting on 2/60 and waits for better times! :smile:

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