Experienced players and draws

A strange Question Maybe. My group recently had a very experienced member join our alliance. Meaning lvl 60, lots of 5* heroes lvled to max. Constantly leads the alliance in every way. The alliance used to; I guess, we used to all get 5* heroes periodically. Its seemed like we were all equally lucky in getting 5* heroes. Since this member joined our team With all the experience it seems like they get all the luck. Trainingcamp20 seems to give us all 3 * heroes when we all shared goodluck. As well as POM draws or any draw for 5*. My question. Would a player of that much experience would they game give them more draws? Can one person draw
More 5* than others buy being higher experience than the rest? And i mean four 5* in a row in TC and every second month getting the POM.

Thanks for reading. hope the question is answerable😁

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So Short answers:

No, only more $$$ gives them more pulls. (or spending more resources on multiple TC20)


In essence what you are seeing is either
a) a person on a lucky streak
b) a person who is spending many $$$ to get lots of heroes from lots of summons
c) someone who isn’t being entirely truthful with you…

Hero Pulls & Trainings are goverened entirely by RNG still… The odds are stated on the summons portal and are the same for everyone (even the Developers and SGG Staff too). TC20 odds are not stated but the odds are approximately 5% for a 5* Hero, 20% for a 4* Hero and the remainder 3* heroes.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the answer. I feel much better😁

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