Experienced Player - Never enough Food!

I have been playing just over a year and have 35 maxed 4* and 10 maxed 5* heroes. I have matched virtually all the 3* heroes.

The picture I am trying to paint is that I have a well-developed team overall. My current focus, as I don’t have many 3* or 4* heroes to level, other than duplicates is to take as many 5* heroes as I can to 3/70 until such time that I get the ascension materials. Anyway getting to the point of my message!

I am currently leveling a rainbow of 4* and 5* heroes, and feed all 1* heroes to the 4* heroes and 2* to the 5*. All my Farms are maxed and my Advanced Farms are on level 6/6/7.

I am constantly having to scrimp and save with food, so when it comes to ascending a hero or adding emblems to a 5* its a real job to find the food. Clearly if I had some 3* heroes to max that would help but is there something I could do to make the food go further?

I read about people conserving food in TC20 but to be honest I have no idea how they do it!

To return to the beginning I want to concentrate on 5* heroes now - but where can i get more FOOD!

Grateful for any sage advice from the community.

Grumpy’s Marauders


I had at one time able to queue at TC20 480+ days worth of training (I am pretty sure some players have more than that). Leveling my troops cost me that needed food that I am only down to 286 days worth of queued training in that TC20. All you need to do is farm constantly and place those recruits and food in the TC20.

For me, other than the Farms and the Watchtower supplying you regularly with food, I skip some raid chests for me to get the most value of the food and iron, especially when your food and iron storages are at their maxed levels. You also need to plan your food expenditures, too, focusing mainly on the needed battle items, i.e. pots, etc.


Raiding is also a great source of food.

Check out this thread. The highest reported haul was 67k food 30k iron.


Just raise what you are going to use and save the rest. My playing time is similar to yours and my roster too and I have like 20m food stored by now. I have also save like 1500 trained 1* and 2* heroes in case I get a really good heroe to updrade, so it will be fast. Iam C2P and have 6k gems saved for teltoc. I hope I get something new there to use my reserves. As someone said, I will normally use that food to raise troops. Actually they are lvl 19 and could lvl them to 21-22 I guess, but it wont make any significant change until they are lvl 23. My trick is to lvl just the heroes I am going to use and I dont have any lvl 4 or 5* heroe at 3/60 or 3/70.

I’d suggest you stop collecting feeders from your TCs for a while. You’ll be able to start storing up ham in TC20 pretty quickly if you do that. Then you’ll also have a big stack of feeders available for the next time you pull a hero you really want to max ASAP.

See here for more info on that (although you’re not really at the stage yet where doing this should be a regular part of your roster management).

ETA: A good half-measure would be to only stop collecting from your TC2.


Also: I recognize that you probably don’t want to slow down your rainbow leveling, if you can help it. But, the point (which I think you pretty much already know, but sometimes it helps to hear/read someone else say/write it) is that ham will always be a bottleneck, for as long as you play this game, if you’re truly maximizing your resources.

For perspective, I’ve been playing for about 2.5 years, I have over 50 maxed 5*s, I’ve run out of feeder troops, I don’t collect feeder heroes from my TCs unless I’m power-leveling a new hero, and ham is STILL a bottleneck for me!

(I have a couiple of ham costs that most other players probably don’t, as well, because I do try to compete for 4* mats in the challenge events, which requires battle items, which requires ham, but the point stands.)


Oh, and last thiing and then I’ll shut up. My posts above focused on cost-reduction, but your main goal is increasing production, so I want to reiterate/reinforce a point that a couple of people have already made in this thread, which is that aggressive raiding is the best way to get more ham quickly. Not only from winning raids themselves, but from filling three raid chests per day, if possible. I once did some napkin math on ham production, and found that I generate about 3,000,000 ham per day, and almost 1/3rd of it comes from raids and raid chests!


The real thing with storing your food is to combine the use of TC20 and TC 13. Since TC13 have a lot lesser ration of foodcost per recruits, you can simply remove some TC20 from queuing and put the recruits in TC13. Vice versa if you want to store foods for later…


Same is true for TC12, and the ratio is actually better than TC13 (but it only spits out 3* heroes).

Personally, I think I’d stick with just one food storage TC. Use TC20 until you have all the 5*s you want, then switch to TC12.

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Whether or not you can save ham depends on whether or not you are willing and need to use TC19 to accelerate levelling your heroes.

I don’t, since I don’t have that much to level. So I have a TC11 running to store my recruits, and three TC20s producing a slim chance of getting something worthwhile.

Through natural generation, farming, raiding, and occasionally resetting chests - I get about 1.5 million ham and 1 million iron on a good day. A good 2/3 of that ham goes into storage (TC20s), and I can’t even spend that much on battle items because I’m always out of midnight roots and bones.

Feeding all of my feeder troops away would likely eat about 60-70% of my ham storage. The potential of sinking ham into TC19 is limitless.


haaa, I made a mistake, I was thinking about TC11, not 13 haha… It work well combine with TC20 and spit out some 1 and 2* along the road.

A small way to save food is to use only 2 star and higher heroes to level 5 stars, and use the 1 star heroes for the 4 and 3 star heroes.

The amount of food consumed is based per hero, and not XP, so since 5 stars eat up so much it saves you food if you use only 2 star or higher and use your 1 star for lower rarity heroes. For me it makes quite a difference long term!


@Sarah2 Thanks for the link I will have a read

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Very funny - I wondered if some bright spark would suggest going to a supermarket!

Thanks for all your sage input, in summary here are my takes from your posts:

  • Raiding vigorously is the best way to get food quickly - good advice

  • Cease feeding for a while and store food in TC20 and recruits in TC12/13 - unfortunately this means I have to stop levelling my current rainbow crop of heroes

  • Save trainer heroes for the final ascension levels - good advice

  • Feed only 2* heroes to 5* heroes, feed 1* heroes to 3/4* heroes - good advice and already do this

  • Ideally only feed same colour feeders - off-colour will increase the food cost - already do this

  • If you save feeder heroes and food (TC20) to power level a hero - then feed 1* off-colour first, 1* same colour second, 2* off-colour, then 2* same colour - good advice

Appreciate all your input - but as one of you said Food (Ham) is always scarce at evry level of the game! Thanks

Grumpy’s Marauders


I still leveling rainbow color, as long as the heroes are realible either for war depth, titan, event, and turnament. And I store food in TC20, so that if I lack of food I switch from TC20 to TC11, if I have more food, then I switch from TC11 to TC20, that’s it.
I play since feb 2019, so a year and 8 month. I already have 20 maxed 5*, 61 maxed 4*, and 41 maxed 3*.
Actually I did not manage well with saving food, because I still continue leveling, I would plan to slow level (this is what I did lately), still doing level, but not so fast as before. So that I can put more / save more food to TC20, this can make handy to use for leveling troop / emblem, etc.
And the great new feature Hero Academy what I think is game changing is HA6, we can stock iron there just like stocking food in TC20. I currently did this, and I can plan emblem or leveling another building whenever I want.

Also focus better for all food and irons strorage to be maxed and advantage all maxed first, that what I did.

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I didn’t see anyone mention, but the higher the storage levels, the more food you get in chests. At least in hero chests. Now that my food storage is nearly maxed, I’m consistently getting >200k food in hero chests (diamond).

I do 2 monster chests and 1 hero chest daily


There is one other thing that I didn’t see mentioned, thst is mercing titans.

Depends on how many flasks you have but I’ve been fortunate to be in alliances that didn’t struggle with titans so I’ve accrued over 100 flasks.

This is also good for PoV. Just time it so that you can return for wars.


A couple more bullets to add!

  • Max your storage facilities as this evidently determines the level of chest rewards - I didn’t know this!

    1. Mercing titans, that is joining alliances to share titan loot - personally wouldn’t do this but I can see the benefit!

Thanks all…Vis - Grumpy’s Marauders


I have never heard of this… and my resource rewards from the monster chest in particular seem a little too variable for this to be a thing.

Any links, anyone?

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