Experienced Player - Never enough Food!

A small way to save food is to use only 2 star and higher heroes to level 5 stars, and use the 1 star heroes for the 4 and 3 star heroes.

The amount of food consumed is based per hero, and not XP, so since 5 stars eat up so much it saves you food if you use only 2 star or higher and use your 1 star for lower rarity heroes. For me it makes quite a difference long term!


@Sarah2 Thanks for the link I will have a read

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Very funny - I wondered if some bright spark would suggest going to a supermarket!

Thanks for all your sage input, in summary here are my takes from your posts:

  • Raiding vigorously is the best way to get food quickly - good advice

  • Cease feeding for a while and store food in TC20 and recruits in TC12/13 - unfortunately this means I have to stop levelling my current rainbow crop of heroes

  • Save trainer heroes for the final ascension levels - good advice

  • Feed only 2* heroes to 5* heroes, feed 1* heroes to 3/4* heroes - good advice and already do this

  • Ideally only feed same colour feeders - off-colour will increase the food cost - already do this

  • If you save feeder heroes and food (TC20) to power level a hero - then feed 1* off-colour first, 1* same colour second, 2* off-colour, then 2* same colour - good advice

Appreciate all your input - but as one of you said Food (Ham) is always scarce at evry level of the game! Thanks

Grumpy’s Marauders


I still leveling rainbow color, as long as the heroes are realible either for war depth, titan, event, and turnament. And I store food in TC20, so that if I lack of food I switch from TC20 to TC11, if I have more food, then I switch from TC11 to TC20, that’s it.
I play since feb 2019, so a year and 8 month. I already have 20 maxed 5*, 61 maxed 4*, and 41 maxed 3*.
Actually I did not manage well with saving food, because I still continue leveling, I would plan to slow level (this is what I did lately), still doing level, but not so fast as before. So that I can put more / save more food to TC20, this can make handy to use for leveling troop / emblem, etc.
And the great new feature Hero Academy what I think is game changing is HA6, we can stock iron there just like stocking food in TC20. I currently did this, and I can plan emblem or leveling another building whenever I want.

Also focus better for all food and irons strorage to be maxed and advantage all maxed first, that what I did.

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I didn’t see anyone mention, but the higher the storage levels, the more food you get in chests. At least in hero chests. Now that my food storage is nearly maxed, I’m consistently getting >200k food in hero chests (diamond).

I do 2 monster chests and 1 hero chest daily


There is one other thing that I didn’t see mentioned, thst is mercing titans.

Depends on how many flasks you have but I’ve been fortunate to be in alliances that didn’t struggle with titans so I’ve accrued over 100 flasks.

This is also good for PoV. Just time it so that you can return for wars.


A couple more bullets to add!

  • Max your storage facilities as this evidently determines the level of chest rewards - I didn’t know this!

    1. Mercing titans, that is joining alliances to share titan loot - personally wouldn’t do this but I can see the benefit!

Thanks all…Vis - Grumpy’s Marauders


I have never heard of this… and my resource rewards from the monster chest in particular seem a little too variable for this to be a thing.

Any links, anyone?

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I didn’t know this either…

The higher the storage levels, the more food you can hold, didn’t know this was also a determiner in the amount of food :thinking: @Tess_01 can you please provide more info. Thanks in advance - always good to learn new stuff.

My alt account has food / iron at capacity - F2P, one builder. I regularly get 100+k food / Iron from various chests, which is a joke because I can’t hold it.

I’ve never found any hard data, but we discussed it here:

My anecdotal evidence supports this. I’ve been consistently raiding in diamond since March, but back then my advanced food storage was only half complete. In March my diamond hero chests had 150-170k food

I’m just now leveling my last food storage to 10 and I’m getting 200-220k food per diamond chest

Monster chests seem to vary a lot more, so it’s hard to tell without crunching a lot more data


I wanted to ask:

What are you spending food on? There might be a way to triage your food spending so it’s not going out the door so quick…

For example:

T2 - 30 min - backpack - 5 recruits - 2k food
T11 - 2 hrs - _ - 2 recruits - 1k food
T19 - 1 min - 4 clothes - 2 recruits - 5.5k food

Assuming I have the backpacks, rugged clothes, and of course the recruits, 22,000 food will give me:

T2 - 11 heroes
T11 - 22 heroes
T19 - 4 heroes

T19 is really fast (1 minute per hero), but burns through my food like nothing else.


Rook - what am I spending food on?

My main food spending is on levelling up my heroes - I have been rainbow levelling - Finley (although thankfully just finished) Margaret (3/58), Sartana (3/62), Vivica (3/62) and Azlar (3/30) feeding all 2* feeders of the same colour, as well as 2nd Mist (3/49), 2nd Scarlett (3/15), 2nd Sonya (4/41), Fura (2/44) and Kashrek 2/10 with all my 1* fodder.

The latter stages of the 5* heroes are very expensive and seem to use up all my food resources. Up until the weekend I had run out of 3* heroes to max which would reduce the cost burden but did pick up a 2nd Gato in Atlantis so I am levelling him now instead of Sonya to make a saving.

Besides this I probably use too much resources on my titan hits, we are battling 10* titans currently and in order to get reasonably high scores I use 5 mana pots per hit. Not sure of the cost but it does seem to mount up.

I have spare emblems to put on my heroes, predominantly 5* heroes, and these always cost a lot of food (and iron of course) and I have a ton of troop feeders which will just have to wait - we all know how expensive it is to upgrade troops!

I have tried to increase my raiding, which has helped a bit. Now that Finley is finished I will resume levelling Sonya-2, which will be a bit cheaper. I guess I could throw all my 1* heroes in 3* Gato which would reduce the food burden. However I have got to a level where I am predominantly levelling only 3/4* dupplicates now and my main focus is on increasing my 5* stable. I have the ascension mats for Sartana and Vivica, so will go through to the final level with them but the others; Margaret and Azlar will wait at 3/70, while I do another Green (lots of options Kadilen, Ratatoskr, Zocc or Gregorian) and Elena.

Sorry I went on a bit but would be glad for any advice to ‘triage’ my food spending! What would you prioritise knowing the facts as I have posted them?

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That’s a pretty big deal.

EDIT: Assuming regular Mana Potions:
_ 6 Hits per day
x 5 Pots per hit
x 21500 Food per pot

= 645k Food per day!

Consider: Maxed farms (including advanced farms):
1373k Food per day

I think you may have identified your issue.

Feeders always require food and recruits…I would recommend judicious raiding, and perhaps leveling your advanced house(s) to give more free recruits.

Some map levels give more recruits than others (many are familiar with the old standby Season 1, 8-7, which gives roughly 10 recruits a run).

Personally, I’m not in a hurry to create feeders, so I use a couple of TC11’s and maybe one TC2. You can use whatever you like to churn out feeders, but this combination works well for me when I need food. :wink:

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Maybe you should focus on one hero per color and only ascend a hero at time so you don´t have your stores so depleted.

You may save some food if you use your mana pots wisely: Take it easier on Titans who are easily killed, mark yourself an average score per titan and save resources if you hit that points. Use them only on certain heroes who has impact on enemy defense or own attack.

One thing everyone here has completely missed is the food requirements to run alchemy lab.

I was running 7B, 9A, and 10A, and found that that sucked all my food up. I have since switched to running 3A, 10A and 10B and whilst there is a gems cost to this, it significantly reduces the amount of food I’m putting into it, and increases my emblems received.

I have long since used all my food from TC20s as I don’t need them any more and have 3TC11, and 1 TC1 with 1000 feeders at the ready and 50 days worth of feeders in there (2400 in training). I find I am living from day to day to get enough food to keep my troops levelling and heroes have all but stopped progress to enable troop progression. It’s a massive grind!

Really could do with another couple of farms, need SH26 to come out, my iron is always maxed out, with hundreds of timestops, dragon banners, bombs and 13m in bundles in my inventory. Seems like the food/iron balance for those that have completed their bases is completely out of whack. A food to iron / iron to food converter would be very useful!

Hughiee (Descendants of Genghis)

As far as iron always being full, you could start storing some in your HA, with one of the troop training options.

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Craft some harpoons or other hunter lodge items, you will see that iron excess very quickly drain away.

Also yes the glory days of using TC20 as a food bank is over, I’ve since switched to using 4A and 4B for food banking in alchemy lab and it works wonders. If you need to bank even more food then 6A/B and 7A/B are good choices too. Alkashards will always be useful, but another 50 Ulmers and Banes not so much.


Unfortunately harpoons also need food and I have none. I have no scabbards left to craft 3* troops (have 100 in training) so that option is out. Hunters lodge requires Titan parts and my alliance hits tier 2 on every Titan, yet the amount of pure iron options is incredibly limited eg (hurricanes) and Titan shells and tails in very short supply.