Experienced player looking for alliance

We aren’t yet at 11-12* titans but we gladly receive you between us!!! So come and check our alliance pls! We have desperate need players like you​:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

I am attempting to reach out to everyone here. If I haven’t gotten to you yet my line ID is ck12912.

I’m pretty firm on Titan requirements. I have been playing for a while and have been a part of multiple start up alliances and I don’t wish to go through that again. If you aren’t hitting at least 11*-12* consistently, I apologize but I am going to pass. I need dem mats! :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,
Tangy here from Guardians Heroes. Not up to 11-12* yet but we have a solid core and will get there soon. We’re all dedicated players, well attuned to each other and want to attract like-minded people.
Come check us out and if you think we’re on the same page, we’d love to have you with us!

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out @Kayo :slight_smile:


Just a tad late in writing my response then, I missed your last post! Good luck in your hunt, there’s already some great alliances to choose from :slight_smile:


Hello @AmphibiousChris

Last Regiment Atlantis

A laid back competitive alliance with fun, knowledgeable & helpful players. Most of our members are from the US and Europe. We aren’t chatty and we are part of Last Regiment’s family, top 10 alliance.

Our Members Requirements:
(1) Opt in in the war, all flags.
(2) Team oriented, determined to grow and supporting each other members.
(3) Kindness, respect and protect each other member of LR’s family.
(4) Always be respectful to another alliances and players. You represent Last Regiment’s family as a member.
(5) No drama. Real life is already full of up and down, Game is about fun.
(6) Last, give yourself a chance to be part and loved by all LR’s family since we had much love to share :slight_smile:

Feel free to send a message to our leader (Line: zenmaster888) for further information. Thank you

Ps: In the image below, we are passing since we are down to 4 people :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris check us out

You might join in time to kill this puppy

@AmphibiousChris, make sure once you have found an alliance & are settled in you tag a Moderator here on this thread (or flag the thread) for closure!

Otherwise people will keep posting ads here for ALLLLLLL of time lol


I have to laugh, I see all these postings and I swear that I’ve been in half these alliances at one time or another. What’s that say about me?

Anyway, if you want casual-competitive and like to help others along, we’d like to see you visit Coffee and Donuts. We’re growing into 10* and are 1-2 players away from 11*. No minimums on titan hits, just be active and smack it around like all titans deserve. War, use your flags. Easy-peasy.

(I’m not knocking the others when I say I’ve been there as I’m still chatting with them on a regular basis. The Crew and Misfit Toys I especially enjoy)


Don’t rule out a growing alliance, Chris. Don’t look back with regrets when our alliance is famous. :dizzy: go with your gut! Guardians Heroes is calling!

And remember, all these suitors, but only one of us really loves you :heartpulse: :innocent:

Poo…we’ve been in chats together but not an alliance, would be glad to have you…

Wow. There are a lot of great names listed above!! Tough choices. Good luck in your search! :blush:

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Thanks beo but I am not looking.



Hi buddy , we looking like the perfect fit for you’ll, we got 20 player lowest 3900 going up to 4400 team power, we just over a money old , we taking on 10 and 11 star titans, with you’ll joining us will put on the 12 star titans. We we strong team.[#ff0066]—:fire: :fire::star: :star:APEX MARAUDERS:star: :star::fire::fire:—[#66ffff] New Alliance looking for active, experienced players! 3800+tp and 1800+ cups! [#ffff99]Titans, war, and communication will be required. [#ffccff] Line ID: [#ff33ff]knutmeg[

Hiya babes, we’d love to have you check out DTS. Attaching a link to my forum ad.

We just ended a 73 Straight 14* Titan Streak :smirk:

We require Discord as we’ve been established there for nearly 3 years now.

Message me there to begin an interview DivineDee#9574


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I know :v:. Hope all is well…

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I’m all set here, thanks everyone for the replies. @zephyr1 can I get this locked?


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