Experience using Norns?

I’ve seen a few comments from people saying that Norns gets a lot of use and has proven to be quite valuable. More often than not, I raid with a yurple team of C. Rigard, Panther, Kage, Jackal, Joon OR C. Rigard, Kage, Jackal, Joon, Malosi, so it seems like Norns would be a great addition, but I’m just not sure where or how she would fit in either of those teams. On paper, she’s seems like a valuable asset, but in practice, I’m struggling to imagine a use.

Those that are using her regularly, are you using a 3/2 or perhaps a 2-2-1 with her as the 1? What have you found is the most effective way to take advantage of her special?

The Key to Norn’s special is that it only affects Tile Damage.

In your situation, in a Yurple raiding team, the ideal targets are Yellow or Purple troops when there are a decent number of tiles on the board under the targets.

I personally use Norns in a 3-2 yellow/ purple raiding team of: C-Rigard - Jabberwock - Norns - Drake Fong - G. Jackal. Usually against Purple Tanks but sometimes against other set-ups.

Having both Drake & Norns as affect 3 heroes helps in terms of damage concentration but also that little line I mentioned above. Timing her special for when you’ve got a couple tiles under the afflicted hero.

Another interesting use for Norns is in the Tournaments where there is a colour restriction. Admittedly it isn’t as great as Chameleon but take the following scenario:

Tournament is restricts Green heroes. So the tanks will tend to be mainly Blue ones (or some do dual flanks).

So if you take a couple red heroes + norns (or a 3/2 Red & yellow stack), norns will flip the defence team’s weakness to now being weak against your stack…

Works best in tournaments where Purple heroes are restricted but can be applied to the other formats also.


I have to agree with Guvnor. Norns is awesome versus a yurple defense team. Lots of fun on offense, but not a good hero for your defense team where the special skill is neutralized.

I just pulled her, so let me read as I came to search the forum for info on her :slight_smile:

Great on map/challenge stages too - turbocharges rainbow setups, especially when you’ll often take Miki as well!

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Anyone using Norns on yurple titans?

Yes, I also use it on titan, it has a high attack

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Just for the high attack stat or are you bringing yellow heroes to yellow titans and popping norns at the start?

I have a guardian panther on the yellow titan, so it would cost a lot of mana bottles, so only on the purple titan due to the high attack.

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