Experience Points (New one)


Hello everyone i just want to know what is the fastest way to lvl up?

What province/stage?

I know there is a topic about that but it’s pretty old… What about season 2?


For season 1 the levels with more XP per energy are 20-4 and 17-1 (in that order).

I’ve summarized Mai’s data in this graph which represent the efficiency of farming in each province:

Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I believe there’s no data on Season 2, I guess we’ll need to wait for the full territories to open up.

EDIT: There’s a mistake in the graph. I’ll update it and repost soon.


Well for this 3 province in season 2 that we have now… What you think is better doing? For more exp base on how much energy it costs…


Unfortunately I’m too weak to be able to do/redo S2 provinces to collect data.

IIRC you need 6/10 energy point (normal/hard) which is a lot for someone as me still struggling with 4* ascension (I need to collect lots of recruits from 1:8-7, for examples).


Season 1, Province 23-11 still has the best XP to World Energy ratio out of all available levels (season 1 & 2): 405,29 XP/WE

So if you only care about leveling up as quickly as possible, do 23-11.


@Aquaginera, do you have other data than what is in Mai’s file?

There I read:

17-1 1830 5 366,00
20-4 2247 6 374,50
23-11 2387 7 341,00

which shows 20-4 is better and 17-1 is the second best option.

Maybe something changed?


@Rael Yes, my information is straight from this file. It says that 23-11 costs 7 WE and gives you 2837 XP (which is 405,29 XP/WE). You had a typo in your table. 23-11 gives you 2837 XP, not 2387 :smiley:


I see so my copy had these two inverted!

I stand corrected (and I’ll update the graph :slight_smile: )


I often farm 12-9, which has a nice mix of loot and experience per flag. It’s a “local maximum” for energy, so if you can’t auto-play the higher levels that provide more xp/e then it’s a good place to farm.