Experience Points (New one)


Hello everyone i just want to know what is the fastest way to lvl up?

What province/stage?

I know there is a topic about that but it’s pretty old… What about season 2?


For season 1 the levels with more XP per energy are 20-4 and 17-1 (in that order).

I’ve summarized Mai’s data in this graph which represent the efficiency of farming in each province:

Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I believe there’s no data on Season 2, I guess we’ll need to wait for the full territories to open up.

EDIT: There’s a mistake in the graph. I’ll update it and repost soon.


Well for this 3 province in season 2 that we have now… What you think is better doing? For more exp base on how much energy it costs…


Unfortunately I’m too weak to be able to do/redo S2 provinces to collect data.

IIRC you need 6/10 energy point (normal/hard) which is a lot for someone as me still struggling with 4* ascension (I need to collect lots of recruits from 1:8-7, for examples).


Season 1, Province 23-11 still has the best XP to World Energy ratio out of all available levels (season 1 & 2): 405,29 XP/WE

So if you only care about leveling up as quickly as possible, do 23-11.


@Aquaginera, do you have other data than what is in Mai’s file?

There I read:

17-1 1830 5 366,00
20-4 2247 6 374,50
23-11 2387 7 341,00

which shows 20-4 is better and 17-1 is the second best option.

Maybe something changed?


@Rael Yes, my information is straight from this file. It says that 23-11 costs 7 WE and gives you 2837 XP (which is 405,29 XP/WE). You had a typo in your table. 23-11 gives you 2837 XP, not 2387 :smiley:


I see so my copy had these two inverted!

I stand corrected (and I’ll update the graph :slight_smile: )


I often farm 12-9, which has a nice mix of loot and experience per flag. It’s a “local maximum” for energy, so if you can’t auto-play the higher levels that provide more xp/e then it’s a good place to farm.



Good advice OwlSpirit. I had an alliance member in my alliance that gave us another good trick to use once you’re about to level up. Once you use your titan flag and are ready to level up, don’t just run through a stage to level up. At this point you want to be sure you have several loot tickets and use the tickets to use up all your WE flags so you don’t loose any because you leveled up before they could all get used.

Once your WE is full again you can run through the provinces normally. I wish I could remember the name of that alliance member to give him credit, but he left the alliance quite some time ago and after a while it’s just toooo many names. :rofl: