Experience for titan kills

Will there ever be a time we can get experience for hitting the titan? Maybe depending on how your hits are you get a certain amount of experience after the titan is killed.


You can calculate it now:

Screenshot just before the Titan dies, and again afterwards. Subtract the first from the second and there you go. :wink:

Wait we get exp for hitting the Titan??

No, I think @Rook was confused and thinking of alliance points

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Any reason why besides more experience gain? Not sure I see that much point to it as level doesn’t really mean much in this game?

Talisax, you know me so well! Alliance points.

Exp for hitting a Titan is an intriguing idea. Would it be equal to dmg dealt? Or…?


Well you wouldn’t get the same amount with other attacks. I’m just suggesting it cause I haven’t seen it happening. And to point out to the person that said level has nothing to do with the game. It does. I have enough space for 55 hero’s. My fiance who is 2 levels higher than I has space for 60 or more. The more space you have the better chance you have of getting enough hero’s to put in 10 of a single color to hopefully get their powers up to max.

Hero space and more World Energy flags are all you get from higher levels. Keep in mind about the Hero slots, you can use gems in the in-game store to expand 5 slots at a time. This is a very effective use of gems early on, one that I wish I’d discovered earlier.


I finally pulled the trigger to go from 75 to 80. Wish i had done it ages ago


Proportional, perhaps, but certainly not equal. Getting 100k extra experience daily would be excessive. (100k being amount of damage done on 10* titans by typical member of alliances facing 10*.) Perhaps a flat amount per flag (e.g. 500) plus a percentage of damage (e.g. 3%). So six hits with a 100k total would yield 6,000 exp.

The complaint will be raised that giving experience after each hit could lead to unintentional levels up, wasting flags. People would have to learn to given themselves a little more experience margin.


Hmm, that’s no good…I like controlling my leveling up so I can get extra flags on a particular Titan…


Absolutely! I fully agree with you.
Same here. In our alliance, we time our level ups with the titan. And when you hold off playing because you do not want to level up before a certain time, then additional XP - which cannot be avoided - is definitely not welcome.


To me, that unavoidable XP gain would be difficult to calculate. :frowning:

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You will grind more levels eventually, and after a point I stand by my assertion it doesn’t matter unless you’re purchasing WE or using flasks.

And the differential between 1 at a time vs 10 at a time is so small anyway mathematically that’s not a real selling point to me… besides which after some time everyone will be working on 5* heroes (hi TC20) and it’s virtually impossible to not max their skill by 3/70 regardless of how or what you feed to them.

I don’t really care about exp, I’m one of the lowest level people in game (who plays through most flags at any rate) based on my start date because I live in 3 flag zones… I’d be non-trivially higher if farming exp was relevant to me.

I was just curious why you thought it would be useful :slight_smile:

I do agree with another individual that suggested based on damage doesn’t make much sense (compounding existing problems of titan damage when it comes to item use), a flat few hundred exp or whatever to encourage people to use their titan flags more?

That makes sense, if they’re sold that exp is a thing but it might help and it wouldn’t hurt so /shrug.

I don’t like it, I time my level ups too. What if I have 3 hits saved up for a titan, my first hit is amazing and I level up in spite off having a margin of xp saved for the titan hits? 2 hits wasted, no, not good at all.

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Level up it’s not only good because you refill all your energy (and if i timing that well, it means 2 or even 3 more titans per day), but you increase your world energy too.
That means every flask you use on the event you get more energy.

Definetely if i can get more experience, i’ll do it.
I’m i favor, just need to be careful like everytime.

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As a general matter in RPG game design, experience is awarded for doing something meaningful in the game, particularly if it uses a limited resource. Titan hunting certainly fits that bill, using scarce alliance energy and high-value items (for many).

Devs added XP to the Challenge Events, so its not without precedent to add XP for activities.

For those worried about timing level-ups, you’d just need to give yourself more buffer. If your PB is 50k, then under my proposed formula you would earn 2,000 xp per flag if you match that score. Leave yourself a 4,000 xp buffer, which you’ll only trip if your first two hits on the Titan average above your previous best. More likely you’ll earn less than 4,000 xp and go into the third Titan hit, earn enough experience to level up from that hit, and get three more right away, without needing to go off to farm.

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My PB is about 3x an average hit though, so that buffer has to be way too high. Then I still would have to farm like crazy and would have wasted a lot of flags in the process.
The normal lvls give a set amount of xp, so you can stay exactly 1 lvl from leveling up, it is not the same.
Just a set amount per hit wouldn’t bother me so much, but it has to be very clear it is added, so people know they will level before they used all their hits if they don’t add the titan flags to their buffer.

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Note that I suggest a buffer of TWO times your PB, not THREE. Thus the so gained in the third hit will help close the gap.

To your example: if you PB is 50k (=2,000 xp) and your typical hit is 16.7k (=1,000 xp), then I’d leave a 4,000 xp buffer. If you have three normal hits, you will be 1,000 xp short, which is a single farming level. If you average above 27.8k on those three flags, you’ll level up immediately.

Not so hard, eh?

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Well, my pb isn’t 50k, but about 75k, so the gap is a bit higher, but you might be right, it will be not that many levels of farming (although 8-7 doesn’t give 1k xp, but 870 or something like that).
I just feel it is not something that is needed, it just makes the unwanted level ups occur more frequently, a lot of people don’t do math while playing games, don’t know why, personally I like math, but not going to ask it of my alliance members :wink: .

And really: at what level do you have only space for 55 heroes, it shouldn’t be so difficult to level up twice to get the extra space? I have space for 75 and never bought any expansions. Leveling up takes forever now, but in the beginning you level up very often, so I really don’t see the need for xtra xp for the titan hits.
To be honest, I think the xp for the event was a nice addition, but I think it is different since the event uses world energy flags, which always give xp.

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For the impatient, one can buy the extra space:

I haven’t needed to go above 65 slots yet, but now that I have my TC20 churning out heroes, I might. :wink:


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