Experience 20+ ad posters

@Petri Could we please look in to having the recruiting ad posters in 20+ dealt if we report them…? There’s a room for it, and I’m tired of seeing them in 20+ and so are many others… If I wanted to see them, I’d go to AR…

I know a lot of ad posters are frustrated with how much chatting goes on in AR, a room that’s supposed to be dedicated to only posting ads.

If posters are to be reported and “dealt with” in 20+, are chatters then going to be reported and dealt with in AR? Hmm.

Instead, Is it possible to request ad posters keep it to a minimum of x lines? The new chat room doesn’t necessarily say “no ads!” :thinking:

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Yeah, I’ve told them to keep it to a line or 3 max… you don’t need a book… KISS method… Keep It Simple Stupid… not many join based on the ad… I look for the less annoying ones when I need a change

@Rook, Petri also stated there’s a room for AR… and it should be up to the community if we want them or not…

Oh agreed. But by all means let’s keep it fair. If all Recruiting must be done in one room, let’s not overwhelm that room with items that are not ads and/or recruiting.

My reply to you initially was to say “there is more than one reason folks are turning to the new 20+ room to recruit” (one being they feel overrun in their own room). :wink:

You’re right @Rook I’ve been asking the ad posters to please keep their ads 3 lines tops… Lots of people are complying with it…

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