Expending Flags at the End of a Battle

I am new to the forum so bare with me if this has been mentioned. I have been trying to search for my idea and only found others posting about a way to continue a battle in a connection time out. I have lost raids, gotten “0” points on Titan hits, and other alliance members have gotten “0” for a war hit due to connection issues. If the actual flag expenditure happens at the end of the battle, not the beginning when we enter, then when we have connection issues we will at least have our flags left and not gone for nothing. No matter if map battle, raid, titan, war etc. Changing the flag usage to the completion and not at the start will solve a lot of the connection issue complaints.

Yes, I noticed when u click to start a level the flags are immediately taken, then you go to battle screen. If connection times out you lose those flags and essentially “lose” whatever you were doing. 0 titan/war score. If you go through the level/titan hit/war hit and the flags were taken at the end of the calculation you wouldn’t lose flags and get 0 scores. It would be like FIGHT! or ATTACK! Button was never clicked and we could just try again…
BUT, would that enable the possibility of cheating? Just turn off your phone and force a connection time out if you were about to lose? That might be why the flags are depleted at the start.

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Yeah I could see it being abused to farm raid chest, kill 4 heroes then disconnect and do it over again. If they were to implement this, they would also need to discard any data for the hit as well so it couldn’t be abused.

Oh, yes. If this was the case, it would have to delete all data on a connection time out. What I’m suggesting is basically recording the data not until the end of the match, including flag usage. I haven’t checked if I have ever gotten credit for the hero chest countdown on a connection time out issue. If anyone had noticed, please chime in.

Nice input, you may be correct on this.

Regardless of it being extremely frustrating when you dc during play. You can not allow someone to have the opportunity to deliberately dc in order to regain their flags. Its better for the minority to lose out, instead of create the obvious opportunity to cheat

The game must only spend the banner once the battle is finished or ragequit.
If the message connexion failed show up, then it wont be spended… Mmmmm this can still be abused by turning off internet… . Could be a bad idea.