Expanding on RNG

I think we should extend the E&P RNG to Google Play. When we buy a purchase, for example a £0.99 Epic offer, there would be a 74.4% chance that my card is debited £0.99. A 23.9% chance that my card is debited £0.01, and a 1.7% chance that my card is debited £4.99.

Give our good friends a taste of the Gacha, right? Every time the higher price is charged the 4* AM sound effect could play loudly over tannoy in the SG offices!

(tongue is firmly in cheek by the way, just sniggering to myself thinking of the chaos this would cause). In other news, is there a ridiculous suggestions thread yet? :grin:

A troll/ridiculous suggestion tread, that would be funny x).

This suggestion made me laugh

There are many, actually. :face_with_monocle:

But that’s actually a fun idea for an offshoot of Ridiculous Complaints, which sometimes also has ridiculous suggestions in it.

We could just use this thread as a start if you’d like, with a rename. :wink:

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That would be awesome though…lol:)

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