Expanded Player Profile ideas

The Player Profile has not changed since I started playing last summer, even though there have been many additions to the game. Some ideas for possible things to add:

  • Highest Alliance War score
  • Highest world ranking—personal (from leaderboard)
  • Highest world ranking—alliance (from leaderboard)
  • Highest raid defense beaten
  • Highest Challenege Event placement (by tier)
  • Joined on (date)
  • Days played continuously

Other thoughts?


Before adding a request for adding of my start date in my profile, i did a search to find similar requests, and here you are! I would very much like to see at least my anniversary date somewhere, if not all these :):grin:

Sorry for necro bumping this thread, but I figured it would be better than starting another one.

I’ve always wondered what is the point of the Last Titan Hit. You don’t get any special rewards, no extra loot roll, and no way to display it to the public who view your profile. I, mean, I get why It doesn’t really do anything, because otherwise, every alliance member will be looking to do the last hit and trying to hold off on damaging the Titan if his/her current energy won’t guarantee to finish one off, and maybe, just maybe, if everyone is second guessing themselves and each other, the Titan escapes, and everyone get bad loot and start putting the blame on others.

If there are limited space the Devs have allotted to the Personal Profile, and since it is really just for the players to view, why not replace Last Titan Hit with something like…

Most Frequently Used Hero

In many RPG out there, there are often stats on tracking a player’s favorite equipment such as most frequently equipped sword, armor, shield, accessory, etc. I wonder if it is not possible to do so for most frequently used hero for a player. Useless stat to most, I am sure, but I find it more entertaining than Last Titan Hit. With Raids, Titans, Challenge Events, Rare Quests, and AW, this stat could constantly change because you might swap heroes so that stat may not always be one of your heroes you used for Farming. It’s something one might go back and check occasionally and say… “Huh, that’s kind of interesting… I had no idea I used so and so that much!”

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I thought a lot about more improvement of statistics in the game. I love statistics maybe you too.

I have many ideas to improve “Player Profile”, and to add statistics for Alliance management (I write everything in excel at the moment and trurly I hate this :wink: )

What do you think about it?

And second question to SG… if you add this to the game it will bring tons of data to keep on yours servers… have you got a space for this? :smiley:

If this idea is a good thing I will make some screenshots and graphics to show what exactly I mean.

But first i have to know whats your opinion about this :slight_smile:

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More stats would be nice without having to manually do it ourselves


It’d be nice if the Player Profile showed a player’s war score as well. And give leaders access to the numbers in their alliance

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They wrote this is not their priority. Manage the alliance nowadays is pretty hard.

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It’s very hard… maybe their priority is money… not the good fun and player satisfaction… true game is a players who play everyday and want to improve it, not the idea or code.

I wish they’d Hire one programmer dedicated to the user interface. No heroes, no events, no customer service, just adding/improving all these quality-of-life features.


While I agree that having more info than the ranking and trophies would b helpful the problem with statistics, and especially if posting those numbers is at the control of team owner, is that they could easily b toyed with. In all honesty statistical data is already an impure way to delay actual data. Statistics r data extrapolated from samples and they can’t ever really convey the absolute truth. And unfortunately with a game like this that determines almost every aspect of how we play with RNG it’s just in my opinion not feasible to include much more than they do. The one thing I would like to b able to do is c more than the defense team before wars. It would b nice to evaluate the roster of ur opponent in its entirety. But hey whatever additional info they can provide is cool. I just don’t put out a lot of
faith in the field of statistics. Notice “field”. It’s not a science and not considered pure mathematics. And I do love me some math!!! That actually wasn’t a joke too. Seriously I look ovee losses for a very large credit card issuing bank and then do risk managing. Gimme a pile of spreadsheets I’m actually a happy dude!

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Maybe they can improve statistics gradually… ok i will make a graphics to show how it should looks and works for me.

Is there a little chance to SG developers will see that?

Absolutely. And if they don’t actually themselves, there r many members whine trusted to relay good ideas. Never hurts to put it out there. There has never been improvement without ideas. And the worst thing that can happen is they say no and u re-tool it. I say go for it

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