Expand the Knights of Avalon Heroes

Yep I got three I think and fed them all to King Arthur. I got LOTL later on a one pull. Overall I had a very successful event experience.

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Oh it was did 15 pulls and got 7 Bauchan overall. Started a Goblin Grotto on my roster :flushed::joy:



I have “chased” Bauchan in my vc2p way. Even though I joke around, I truly want that goblin. :rofl:

I have tried at least two Avalon to get my first Bauchan. :sweat_smile:

No new Avalon heroes til I get a Bauchan please!

So then eventually the power difference between the initial release 5* heroes and the newest ones will be so great that pulling one of the old 5* in that portal will be equivalent to pulling a 4*

Twenty Characters

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That’s because I got two of them last time (to add to the one I already had). :wink:

Personally, I’d like to have some more rare heroes… don’t the other events have at least 2 or 3 of them?

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Currently, the four seasonal events heroes have three: Lepus, Killhare and Roostley from Springvale; Yunan, Rana and Roc from Sand Empire; Victor, Francine and Vanda from Morlovia; and Mother North, Santa and Krampus from Santa’s Challenge. And there are five legendaries from the monthly challenge events: Guinevere, King Arthur, Morgana, Black Knight and LotL from Avalon; Kestrel, Locke, Sargasso, Finley and Marie Theresa from Pirates; Owl, Panther, Kong, Chameleon and Gazelle from Guardians; Rumpelstiltzkin, Red Hood, Boss Wolf, Snow White and Puss from Grimforest; etc. (those are the old events on which it has been ingrained in my memory. As such, I haven’t memorized heroes from the newer events as I may get them jumbled from other events). There are also 5 legendary ninjas.

I meant rare… but I was wrong as it seems only the new challenge events have 2 rare heroes, while the old ones: Pirates, Grimforest, Wonderland, and Avalon only have 1 rare hero. They did add new rares to the seasonal events somewhat recently, I don’t see why they don’t do that with the older challenge events.

There haven’t been any rumblings from beta or anything that I’ve heard re additional heroes to existing Event Portals… Rather adding new events to alternate with existing ones.

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@SamMe - For me, it was Can’t Even get a Pixie (I eventually did get one to make her my only Grimforest Hero). And yet, still, I also can’t even get a Vodnik, or a Bauchan either.

So you are not alone in not having a Bauchan, who was the first of the expanded pre-Villains 3*.

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@Shohoku79 I’m glad that you eventually got a Pixie. :+1:

It’s good to know that I am not alone wanting a specific challenge event 3*. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Btw, it’s all good that I missed out on Bauchan again. I now have someone else to comfort me. :rofl:

Me too on missing the Goblin again (and will likely continue to do so), and I guess BK will just have to do, but let’s face it, he is not Bauchan. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Exactly. :crazy_face:

20 want Bauchan

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