Expand the Knights of Avalon Heroes

I would love to see:

Galahad - yellow
Gawain - blue
Tristram- green
Mordred - purple
Percival - green

Please, don’t dilute the summoning odds for Avalon rare hero. I missed out on Bauchan again. :sob::sob:

Seriously, are you suggesting an additional set to the exisiting Avalon 5* heroes?


Maybe Mordred and Galahad would be 5*. I would make the others 4*.

This may be in the pipework already, who knows? I won’t be surprised if SG will introduce new heroes in the already existing events soon. They have done that in the past, resulting to the appearance of Gazelle, Chameleon, Jabberwock, White Rabbit, Black Knight, Lady of the Lake, Finley, Marie Therese, Puss, Snow White, Roc, Killhare, Sir Roostley, Vanda, Francine and Krampus.

Strategically, SG may be doing this as it helps them keep or maintain players to continue pulling on those events. They need to be stronger than the existing heroes as a lure for players to pull.

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I see.

With the summoning odds for a challenge event 5* at only 1.0% spread across five heroes (0.2%), it’s a no from me for additional Avalon legendaries.

Also, while I like the idea of additional Avalon 4*, I would not be in favour of it. Since it would make it harder to target a specific Avalon 4*.

I believe it is important for the f2p/c2p. It has definitely been the case for me with Jackal and Falcon from Guardians of Teltoc.

Just my 2c.

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Wondering if he should red instead due to his battle/test/whatever that was with the Green Knight.

FYI - Just pondering. Don’t really want any more Avalon heroes added, tbh.


New heroes for all events??
I do not know if that will happen, according tot he Q&A they are more interested in creating new content so people spend the money there and keep them motivated, we have 2 new events coming before the end of the year and the new season project. I really do not think that they care about all existing things.

I agree in the sense that adding new heroes to those event will fuel spending but I do not know if that is their priority

Yep red would be good too.

It be costumes…
Or 20 levels if new are made…

They answered my question about challenge events in the Q&A with Game Designers, and apparently they planned to change all the pre-Villans challenge events back to 10 stages each difficulty, “but simply did not have the time”. You can read the full answer and make your own judgement

It may or may not happen next year.

Therefore 20 levels won’t happen, but 100% costumes for challenge event 5* will happen. As you’d remember, they released the artwork for Lady of the Lake costume and others. We have seen that they don’t want to waste artwork like for Salmon Loki. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My 2c.


I vote against this idea.


They can do the featured approach like sand empire. And why don’t events like Avalon have featured heroes even till now? That ‘game that shall not be mentioned ever in this forum’ has done event featured heroes almost a year ago already.

I know it is not easy, but I believe that:

Comparison to other games is a thief of joy. :rofl:

Seriously, I’m pretty sure you already know the answer to your question.

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They can’t even give a 1% leeway. It’s not as if everyone’s gonna get a flashy new hero because of the 1%.

There is a saying that a McDonald’s is better anywhere around the world other than the US. E&P is like the McDonald’s of the mobile match 3 puzzle game genre

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All true.

I know that there was some change to the seasonal event summoning odds prior to the latest one for Sand Empires this year. I think it happened last year, not bothered to check. :sweat_smile:

However, I don’t think there has been such a change for challenge events odds. @Guvnor can you please confirm/correct this?

The super low summoning rates don’t bother me too much. I started out as 100% f2p, and have never increased that beyond vc2p.

I couldn’t ever become even c2p knowing how low the summoning odds are.

I believe that I had not heard this saying before. Interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

And to tie our discussion back to the OP, I do not support the addition of any new heroes to Avalon. As stated earlier in this thread, the summoning odds are already low, and I do not care for any new Avalon heroes, simply because it would further dilute the existing summoning odds.

goes to cry for missing Bauchan :sob::sob:

Really? KFC here…

Sir Roostley might complain…

The odds is higher that they introduce the infamous non-S1 costumes instead of introducing new heroes in Avalon.

You could have had some of my Bauchan’s gladly. I got 5 from a ten pull!

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Thank you @Threngor. I’m sorry that sounds like an unpleasant 10-pull though. :sweat_smile:

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