Expand the Base with New Mystical Village with Temple Buildings for Emblems

With introducinig the new oportunity of increase heroes with the new emblems I got the idea to expand the base.

use one of the bridges and add a mystical village with 10 temple-buildings (one for each emblem). the building must be activated first with iron and food.

in one of these buildings choosen by the player he / she can start a random seed once a day (feeded by iron and food). if he get a hit, a quest starts to get emblems. the level of difficulty could be easy / medium / hard and also be selected randomly (easy 50%, medium 30% hard 20%). the number of emblems received for finishing the quest depends on the diffculty.
the buildings could be increased by using (a hugh amount of) iron and / or food to a certain maximum level (20 or more). with each level the chance of a hit goes up (for example 1% or 0.5% for a building-level). additionally the number of emblems received for winning the challenge could increase.

this would bring some advantages for the game / the players:

  1. there is a new reason to come daily to the game
  2. even when the base is completly equiped, the new mystical village would bring new building activities
  3. the players can choose, which emblem / building to choose for the daily random seed to increase the heroes more precise
  4. iron and food would increase in worth as it is additionally used to start the random seed
  5. …

There is no heart on this message for me to like the idea so I’ll just type it lol

Good idea


That’s a nice idea for sure

Please consider expanding the base. All of my buildings are at level 20 and I can’t use up all of my iron and training doesn’t use much of the food I produce either. Adding a section to the base ( with another training camp) would help…thanks

I think it is time to enlarge our base. Yes, we had upgrades for mines, houses and farm, but they always come at a very large cost And when you are upgrading your mine/farm, you won’t get resources for that time.

So, if I upgrade an iron mine, I lose 1/4!!! Of my income on iron for a long period… Speaking of Iron mines and farms, I now have 9 farms and only 4 mines, I’d like to see more Iron mines in my base… 4 is really not enough… Since making harpoons, tornados, time stops… Cost so much iron…

Same thing with forge… Instead of 4 forges, I now have 2 forges, 1 hunting lodge and 1 troop training camp. Soon I will have no forge left when I have alchemie lab and hero academy…

Yes I can convert other buildings, but that will cost me the income of resources… And yes, I always can reset it for free to the original building, but I think it will be more useful to give the new buildings a permanent space.

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Will the new season of the game allow our base to be bigger?

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I try to exercise to avoid a bigger base. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


More farms please!!!

Another TC would be cool too!

No one knows what season 2 will bring. I’m sure it’ll get leaked immediately upon entering beta.

Hmmm, is it time to think about this again? Do I just have a pipe dream? With the new buildings taking place of existing ones, like the Academy gobbling up a farm, I might like to see that. SG has dome a good job with the advanced buildings, just wish we could do more. I personally could use one more mine, farm, TC, possibly house. Just bringing this up from the ashes.

I like the idea of adding to the base. The emblem quests and temples is an interesting idea, but not at a large cost in ham/iron. At one point I had 11 talents I could apply to my heroes, but was waiting for ham/iron. In addition I had stopped making harpoons for that reason, so I would say keep the temples and quests in line with current ham/iron costs.

The other question I would have is when would this additional base area appear? You would need to provide quests fairly early on for lower level players to gain emblems.

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