Expand Our Fort/Base/Territory/Land with More Space for New Buildings

Maybe we have to answer three questions to the bridgekeeper first…

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Nope, already tried that. I’ve given them probably a dozen or so suggestions on helpful improvements that they could monetize. They showed zero interest. Maybe because the things I suggested would have only brought them in a few dollars from each player, as opposed to a few thousand dollars from each player.

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If you scroll to the left or right of your fortress you will see a stone bridge either side.

These have the potential to expand Empires & Puzzles.

Instead of having all your buildings in one place you could have more buildings either side.

You could have more mines, farms etc or even NEW buildings.

You could have like a new training camp which when you send a hero in it learns a new skill.

Send in Lianna who is a sniper and she could learn to heal herself or others ??

You could even have a new type of forge where you can forge new weapons or ascension mats.

Lots of new ideas from everyone would make this game more epic.


In this place we would like to have a ship who sell us goods.

  1. Exchange food to iron. 30% fare
  2. Exchange Iron to food 30% fare
  3. Pack food to bundles
  4. Pack Iron to bundles
  5. Take and send donations from alliance members 1 daily token what every member can send/day for free.

Building will be available for all level players.

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I love this idea @Luna_Lovegood. Especially if we can send crafting items, ascension materials, maybe even emblems and gems. Ideally we would be able to send duplicate /unwanted heroes but I’m guessing that would be highly unlikely.

I hope SGG pick up this idea. I think it will really encourage and reward, in particular but not exclusively, its long term F2P players, who increasingly get overpowered in the game, despite being very active and making the best use of whatever they get. I would hate to see the continuing trend of long term players leaving the game because they can no longer fairly compete.

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My first thought was, where in the heck will the ship come from or go to from there since your “empire” sits on a high mountain.

But what the… this is a fantasy 3-match game, so let the Devs make some story about it and figure how to do it.

You got my vote.

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The same place as the water of course!

I like this idea. :relaxed:

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This really has to happen. There is nothing left to do after a certain time

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