Expand Our Fort/Base/Territory/Land with More Space for New Buildings

There is a bridge on each side of our forts. Would be nice if devs could expand it enable us to build more :blush:

New buildings are scheduled for release this year but they’ll probably be squeezed into the current design


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Cool beans! Ty for the info. I’ll let our alliance know they will like that :blush:

This game would be a lot better if there was a lot more land to build on instead of having to convert building into something else. It would be cool to unlock another part of the territory and build there! Other than that it really is a good game

Can you guys create a space for the new buildings?
We get it…you introduced some really nice new ways to entertain ourselves. BUT it’s annoying to get back and fourth between them and can’t access some.

There is a lot of space on which you can work with, so why not?


Because there’s no profit in it and would demand more work from the design and engineering teams

That’s why not anyways. I agree with you they should have done more rather than just roll out another time&cash grab with slim benefits that have inconveniences to come along with them


You missed the bridge that is on the Left Side of the base too :stuck_out_tongue:


Any new information on this idea? I have to admit, when your own game development slows down too much, you get bored and a little frustrated.

I’m all for this. For me, what set this game apart from other match 3 games was the base building.

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Yep, one plot with 4 or 5 lots would alleviate the space crunch. And who hasn’t tried to take the walkways to the left and right? :joy:

Yeah, when Stronghold lvl 25 is released and the Hero Academy finally rolls around, the space shortage is going to get ridiculous. With the Hunter’s Lodge replacing one forge and the Barracks replacing another, I’d already be down to one Forge if the Alchemy Lab weren’t so worthless. Given the constant shortage of hardwood lumber, I might be tempted to use it some time, however.

If all the advanced buildings are built and replaced for forges, the number of available forges will drop to zero. The alternative is to reduce food or iron production, neither of which is a very attractive prospect. Sacrificing a training camp would be similarly unattractive, if it’s even possible.

If there are no plans to give us at least one more spot for another forge at lvl 25 (to be replaced with an advanced building), then please at least let us convert one of the Houses to an advanced building, maybe even two. My houses can currently hold a combined 225 recruits and I could easily do without one or even two of them. Only 100 capacity is needed to bank food and recruits at TC level 20. But they’re seen as immutable as food and iron storage for some reason, which makes no sense to me.

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It’s worth noting that you can change the barracks & Hunters Lodge & Accademy back to the forge for FREE whenever you need to… it takes 10 seconds to do & costs nothing.

Just a FYI…

Especially pertinant as most people only train troops when they have an excess of food… and unless youre constantly crafting stuff you can probably rotate back to forges etc…

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True, but not if your builder(s) is busy. And when building upgrades take 5-8 days, they’re busy a lot.

But you’re right, the Barracks are something that aren’t needed very often. If the Hero Academy turns out to be worthwhile (I’m not optimistic given the Alchemy Lab fiasco), I can rotate between the two whenever my builder has an idle spell.

I still think it would make things more flexible if we could convert 1 house to a different advanced building. There’s no need to have recruit capacity more than 100 for anything - at least so far.


Do you think that when you upgrade the SH to level 25 we will get additional space or buildings … I think we all use 3 of the CRAFT. It seems impossible to use the fourth for the next HA … it may not have room for 4 buildings, maybe just one building at this point

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+2 for this feature but think that you’ll be busy with HA for at least 2-3 months


+2 for this feature but think that you’ll be busy with HA for at least 2-3 months

The question is what building will you give up to convert it to HA

No you don’t have extra space, and that’s another reason why the HA in his current form is more an hindrance then a reward.


To me the forges should be able to doublecraft stuff even if they would need extra levels to do so.

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Prob have to get planning permission first. That could take up a week or soo. Then a team of architects come in and view the space needed and draw up a cost and time needed for to make said building, your 2 training camps will probably be In the way of building adjustments and will have to be shut down due to mantiance in the area. Happy gaming :wink:


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