Expand on hero families

With families out for Atlantis. Maybe add some features for older heroes where they can trade mats or some sort of expendable resources to have them join a family? We have alot of cards kind of falling into “types” with most recent being the holoween event and vampires. Why not add:

Knight or knighthood
Fairy tale

Etc. Families. This could go along the lines of what SG said about wanting to allow heroes to advance thier current strengths or even new skins. Ilhell you could have a new guild house for families as a new building in our bases.

Like the idea. So currently we have 3 families. And the family shows boosts up to 5 heros. However… lagoon is missing a yellow hero, Atlantis is missing a red hero and sakura is missing a blue and green hero. I would like to see a full range of colors for these existing families.

Also i would like expand on the above idea. How about allowing us to customize our own families? Since all it does is generate quicker mana. Maybe create “clan” tokens/drops that after we collect a certain amount (50?) allows one hero we select to join the family. Limit the number to 5 heros who could join and in order add anyone new, you would have dismiss a family member.

I think they could even sell us family Crest icons (350 gems?), with predetermined names, and people would participate. Would give us a whole new direction to work for…

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