Expand Hero Capacity

The game was designed to withold the current capacity WITHOUT the Alliance war, now we must have 30 fixed heroes if we want to play the game for its full capacity. We should get at least a +5 or +10 hero capacity for free.


I believe in a recent update they changed it so hero capacity increases as you level up, that was done after wars started

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Yes, but they changed the way you gain slots in leveling up, to have a more fair distribution but i heard people who lost 1 slot, dont know if its true.

I am level 42 with only 76 capacity, it wasnt a big improvement

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Maybe added capacity was great but I use the 5 “team slots” to organize. Other than the 1st slot, which has my standard go to team, I use the rest to see who still needs what , what color I need, etc. Plus it makes it easier to assign troops so that when I go to barracks, there is some semblance of order.
At least it would be nice now that I have to accumulate and grow 30. *** Thanks, just my 2 cents.

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Lol I’m holding on to 52 heroes for war and events

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I do too, as well as doing it for 2 accounts on 2 devices. On my newest, where there are 40+ 3-5* most of which, are still in need of some leveling, it’s just easier to track who needs what, for me at least, as well as carrying over to organize the troops. No different from what’s there now, just one more row.


I was thinking the same as I start the game way before AW. But instead you can buy the slots now. For me just another gimmick to get money :frowning:

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It has always been possible to buy additional hero slots… at least for the past year.


Yes you can buy more slots, but they are making you buy, this should be optional.

It’s not additional space that I’d like, but designating an additional “team” row. Like the 1st 5 rows. …a sixth row which would accommodate the 30


I’d really like to see us have the ability to make as many teams from our heroes as we have multiples of 5 Heroes.

It would be very useful for players to be preparing for special challenge quests where heroes used can only have a limited rank (stars).

The first few months I played, my focus was on having 1 team of the highest ranked heroes of each color and leveling them up as fast as I could so I could max out their ascension.

Then a challenge quest event came up and I couldn’t even participate because I’d unknowingly used all of my lower ranked heroes to level up my highest ranked heroes. Newbie mistake, I know, but now that we have Alliance Wars and can battle using 30 heroes, it’d make sense to be able to create 6 teams instead of 5 for Wars and then be able to make more teams of lower ranked heroes and/or teams of all one color etc., in whatever variations players come up with.

How many other players would like to see us have the ability to make unlimited, or at least greatly increased, numbers of teams with our heroes?

Developers? Is it reasonable and doable? By the way, I seriously do appreciate the frequent upgrades, tweaks and improvements you all make to the game. I also especially appreciate how quickly you respond to issues when they arise. Not sucking up here, just taking the opportunity to express sincere gratitude.


I totally agree. This would be a very helpful change!

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Happy cake day @Loro :slight_smile:

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