Expand buildings past lev 20

As a player with every building maxed small giant needs to expand the buildings to level 30 or something. It’s boring with nothing to do lol


I second this! :slight_smile:

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Buildings are maxed, food is maxed, iron is maxed, builder is laid off doing nothing, and feels like all is being wasted. Huge accomplishment in getting everything to level 20, but now what is there to accomplish?. Not really interested in striving to go up in ranks because half the battle is in the luck of the tiles.
Just lost my carrot and thinking about moving on to a different game. Wish there was something else to buy with food and iron. I liked this game cause it was similar to Clash of Kings without the pressure of being attacked and losing everything while logged off. I would suggest after maxing everything then perhaps open the possibility of building a mine for gems. 1 gem per day per level? Keep the builder busy, make use of iron and food that is maxed, or convert food and iron into gems… something to keep me interested in the game.

Crafting, training and levelling troops and heroes all cost food/iron.

No money for them.


As long as you play too much of a game, you may end up bored.

Any excuse is good to leave.

I have all the buildings to 20 for a long time and I am not bored, now I am focused on completing the missions and finish training all my heroes of 4 * and 5 *.

It is also impossible to get bored with the members of my alliance. :joy::joy::joy:

Maybe the old HotMs or S2 heroes in TCs suggestion should go into some higher level TCs?

Crafting and training troops won’t keep up with all the iron and food I’m waiting due to no place to store it.

I agree I play too much, but on the other hand the developers intend to make $$ on the game and if they don’t address the issue of maxing out, they’ll lose players and won’t make as much profit. I take one game design class and now I’m a critic. It would be good to put the phone down and spend some more time in the real world.

But a lot of people have bought VIP pass mostly to level up buildings faster. If, for instance, higher TC levels provide much better training possibilities than the current TC20, it would be a huge incentive for many to buy (or reactivate) VIP to get two builders.

Also, players need goals they can aim for. If everything is already maxed, one main component of the game (build up your base) is lost.

Oh, and new blacksmith items mean that more crafting materials, food and iron are needed. Just make them expensive and use rare materials…

You’re presuming that people have enough crafting mats\feeder troops. I’m sitting on basically zero of these things.

IMO SG needs to up the crafting\troop drop rate, but I still agree that there’s options out there for further building development.

Speaking only for myself I purchase VIP (my only expenditure on this game) purely for the crystals.

I’ve long since had buildings to 20 and the second builder (whilst great to have earlier) has not influenced my decision to pay for vip.

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