Exp level up


As everyone is aware each time you level up you need more exp to get to the next level.
Some of the higher level players need a huge amount of exp to gain next step.
Seems slightly unfair that the longer you play the more have to play to hit that next level.
What I’m suggesting as well as the refills we get on flags is that at some point the level up process stops increasing. Level 30+ takes ages and not a great reward for the long standing members of the community that have supported this game through the beta stages.
Players should either get some type of extra feature or bonus plus not get punished by having to grind in greater amounts for the same reward.
Have a go at giving something to the guys that really kept this game going small giant
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I like dafcra’s idea of flasks instead of instant refill. Given how long it takes to level, to would be nice to have flasks to use when I want and not try to wait to hit things when it has already taken so long to get there


Especially since there’s no real benefit to playing the higher levels that give more xp.


I do really like his idea too, but my main gripe is about how it takes longer and longer for the exp to build with no real extra reward.


There are jewels, tokens, hero cap rise, hero capacity increase


You dont seem to understand.


I understand. The increasing exp to get to next level is a standard in video games. Now this game is a bit different as level is not an indicator of power as most are. There are benefits to levelling but I agree that they are underwhelming given the time. My only argument was that you made it sound like there was no benefit to levelling,


I don’t think he really said there is no benefit. We all know energy refill, extra hero space, token, maybe go up one energy. Whoopy. There’s not much excitement to it beyond speeding it up or slowing it down to match higher powered titans for the extra energy. Personally I’d love for a level up to drop loot, chances at ascenion materials and flasks on top of what we already have.


Yeah exactly viv a little something extra once you get passed a certian level.
Rewards the devoted fans.


Hrm, I’m not 100% convinced of that anymore but I wasn’t tracking consumables in 1.5 at all (and not really in 1.6)… but I have some idea of roughly how many midnight roots dropped since I’ve never used them to my knowledge out of all my 8-7 runs in 1.5 and how many have dropped since 1.6 and then just doing some sloppy napkin ratios it’s a little awkward to just stay in the low level zones if you’re looking for a distribution of consumables.

This is somewhat handwaving as I wasn’t doing zealous consumable tracking, and could’ve just been a crappy set of runs in the 34 that I actually did the full consumable loot on as that sample size is extremely small; something to come back to later as my bigger issue right now is just no longer having enough swords and backpacks to even keep one TC going full time with 1 and 2 level trainings, and 8-7 (and 7-7 perhaps) are still the only places for 3 recruits per flag.

While I somewhat applaud the idea of trying to make the higher level zones better, it’d be nice if they scaled enemy count or recruits in them too, as right now 8-7 is still the most efficient for two critical pieces of the progression pie.

While I’m wishing anyway, evening out the hero and troop drops per flag would be a nice thing too if they wanted us to be able to farm anywhere without worrying about the efficiency of everything else. And a pony, definitely a pony.

On topic: leveling up serves has even less value than cups… epeen only and doesn’t factor into alliance score (for whatever that’s worth). While I’m not a fan of scaling back the leveling curve it’d be nice if there were some benefit to higher levels; it doesn’t even have to be anything game changing or even game impacting: different avatar selection would probably suffice too.


I’ve been asking for a horghal avatar for months.