Exp. in raids, titan battles, and war

I’d like to lead off by saying that I enjoy the pace of the game, and it is a long haul. In many RPGs, Action games exp is gained in all battles, Titans are similar to bosses, I was curious what the community thinks of having exp for a raid win, etc.

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I’d be down for that.

But given that our hero chests don’t get filled by our defence killing enemy heroes when we get attacked (and we really should get credit for those kills), I think we have an uphill battle to fight to get XP from sources other than currently available


This idea has been proposed before. Gaining XP for Heros from raids, world map stages, War, titans, and other uses [MASTER]

@zephyr1 / @Garanwyn - merge?

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Solid point, we do get recruits now, maybe a nominal amount down the pipeline is feasible.

Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out.

To be clear my suggestion is for our main guy, ie lvl 43-44. not specific heroes, though the idea propsed would truly bring a great RPG element and take away the grind -

I thought it was meant to be the same idea at first too, but it looks like they meant Player XP for Raids and Titans etc.:

That sort of idea has also been proposed a whole bunch of times before (albeit without much apparent traction), e.g.:

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Odd system for gaining xp this game has… experience you gain through auto farming, by leaving your phone on the table while at work you are or tv you watch, but not through raiding, which requires focus, skill and game mechanics understanding… The other way around this should be… May the force… you know the rest…

Actually all official guides tell all specific with exp gaining. There are only little tricks from users.

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