Exit button in alliances is often pressed by mistake

The exit button in alliances is often accidentally pressed.
Please to improve the exit button at the next update!

Thank you for your attention and improvement of the exit button!

Best regards

There’s already a confirmation screen for leaving an alliance. What else do you think needs to be in place?



There is indeed a confirmation pop up already in place, so accidental exits shouldn’t happen (at least too easily).


My suggestion would be to move the first Allianz exit button on the field to the far left.
And with leader options and exit button you should swap places.
So you do not accidentally turn on the exit button on Allianz Option.
Most people play on a smartphone or on a tablet. And mostly with the right thumb.
With the big thumbs from the bottom right to the top can move on the screen.
Is it comprehensible that it unintentionally activates the exit button.

Thank you for your attention!

Best regards

I play with my forefinger, and in 10 months I have never accidentally exited. Maybe this is an issue for those playing with bigger fingers (thumbs), but might not be an issue for everyone. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Apparently that forefinger can misspell though! :grin:


Very funny. Should I laugh with :-))
now and then I play with the middle finger the game.
He is not so fat for this long and fast :wink:
was just a suggestion.
Thank you for your humor!
Fun must be.
Problem solved with middle finger. :-))

Didn’t you quit? I thought I read somewhere that you quit. Wasn’t that you?


Why should I stop playing after investing over 900€ soon for the great game?
Is a great middle finger game.
Will continue to invest diligently for the game. Until I get a month hero :-))
Super game and support!
I love you dears!
I will invest up to 1000 €. Let’s see if I get until then a single month heroes. :frowning: :@

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I don’t see why they should change something with the exit button. I’ve been playing since July and never left the alliance by accident. We have already a confirmation button if you hit the button by mistake (that happened to me neither), so everything is perfect.


Um, the forefinger is the index or pointer finger, not the middle.


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Yes… was wondering about the middle finger references… :thinking: :smiling_imp:


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