“Exhausted” Mystic Vision Error Message

My mystic vision gives me a “You have exhausted all of your mystic visions for the time being. Please try again later”
Can anyone explain this?? They come ever 8 hours. How can you exhaust them???

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Try turn your phone/game on and off, ussualy it works.

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It worked THANK you
end this thread please

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I’d rather these threads NOT be ended.

Rebooting a phone is a workaround, not a fix. It’s indicative of a problem in the game that should at least be identified and eventually fixed.

I have 3 devices, an LG, Samsung, and Pixel. The LG never has this issue. 50% of the time the Pixel will require a restart, and about 75% of the time for the Samsung in order to view a Mystic Vision.


I just got this on my LG tablet

I got the same message a few days ago and it was confusing as the eight hour cool down was finished but it righted itself with a game restart.

That’s what I ended up doing. Restarted game and all was good.

No need to reboot phone, just reboot the game.

Alternatively just click it the x’ed out mystic vision flag like 20 times, usually works for me.



Reminds me of time when I was designing office furniture. We had an electric computer monitor platform we made. Height adjustable. Customer called one stopped working for no reason. Asked the usual questions, nothing helped. Sent a tech. Next day he was back in office so I asked if everything was fixed. He said “Yes, I crawled under the desk and plugged it in”. I had specifically asked that question. Fortunately it was across the city and not across the continent.

My job would be so much simpler without customers :laughing:


Many newer Android devices and versions do not offer a force stop of an app. The ‘Clear All’ and other similar options do not do what most people believe they do. The operating system decides when an app has gone dormant enough to kill it off and reclaim the memory.

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Mystic vision says you have exhausted all your mystic visions for the time being please try again later. Has been like this all day. Anybody else

I’ve had it happen, but never for more than a couple minutes.

That said, ads are often regional based, so depending on where you are located it could be more of a problem for you.

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This seems to happen fairly frequently:

@zephyr1 merge?

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I have had that happen on my android tablet. A simple restart of the tablet seems to correct it (on mine anyway)

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A simple quit and restart game worked for me.


This may not have been the thread I was thinking of to merge.

Most times i dont even need to close the game… just open watchtower/aliance and ots fine…
Also it happens more when internet connection is weaker…

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I don’t think it was, but I think I found the one you meant. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is the one I was thinking of. Thanks.

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