Exeera ? Wth

SG…the math ain mathing…what am I missing?..

It’s 7 tiles on the board…why is the dot only 72 per turn instead of 216???

The original screen shot had 7 blue tiles not 8 before you try to correct my math

Nevermind…I just read it’s “OVER 3 TURNS”…not per turn

Yeah this hero is woefully subpar.


Is that hero fully leveled ??;
DOT heros damage increases with their base levels.
With emblems and by LB ing.

The best option to calculate their dot is, reading the card at their current level.

At the current special skill level the hero gives 48 water damage over 3 turns, which increases 24 per tile.

This means that in 1 turn it gives 48 / 3 = 16 water damage which increases 24 / 3 = 8 damage per turn per each blue tile.

You have 8 tiles so 16 + 8 * 8 = 16 + 56 = 72 which matches the damage/turn on your screenshot

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Thanks…but I’ve already figured it out on my own.

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