Exeera needs a buff

I would trade Jade for this hero or the salmon. Jade is the worst hero in the game by far.


Thats 98% useless and meaningless. They almost never change a hero only because beta testers said to. They only change them after they break the game somehow (telluria Vela frigg Odin) or can’t monetize enough (villains).

So, yes. Lol.

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Worst hero ever in season 4, definitely needs a buff


So, is she getting buffed any time soon? I was thinking if i should get her to 3.70 and wait for the buff? She will be buffed eventually, right? Right?!

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Nope. Us Jade owners have been crying in a corner since release while every other ninja is a badass. Buff? Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaa!


I have Jade too (no Garnet or other good ninjas of course), now have Exeera (and Akkorog!), what should i look for? Mok-Arr and Salmon Loki?

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That is true, but at the same time the Salmon did get a buff so there IS hope :joy:

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