Exeera needs a buff

If roughly half of the community thinks Exeera is completely broken and this feedback is consistent with the beta feedback, does she deserve to be buffed? Some are saying she’s the worst S4 hero.

My suggestion would be to remove the immunity from ice heroes, or add damage or a secondary effect like dispel? What are your thoughts?

My vote goes to mana reduction to Ice heroes only (suggested in BETA) or a Mitsuko-style Ice reflect buff to all allies 2 or 3 turns max.


dunno how big can her DOT go, but as a support hero for green tanks she will work nicely. Some heroes are indeed underpowered in some aspects, not all of them are complete monsters everywhere.

How many folks have used her in a fully-maxed role, enough to request a buff to her already?

You guys are quick! :slight_smile:


Exatcly… lmao she’s been out for just HOURS.


I would probably ascend her but really don’t see where I would use her… Would have to be fighting red tanks and then decide to use at minimum 3 blue teams on offense… And I’d have to be careful on that cause Vela would be in 3rd team and putting then together wouldn’t work well… I’d almost need 4 blue teams and a bit lacking for that to happen at the moment.

Plenty of people tried her out fully maxed during beta. She was bad enough to know that using scopes on her would be a complete waste unless you are really desperate for a hero.


I don’t have her, but it seems clear that this hero is not quite right as is. How is it too early to ask for a buff if 100% of Beta feedback asked for a change? That’s the test group right there.


You know you can used her in Beta, don’t you?
And beside there’s no change at all during live and beta.
And beta users already gave pretty bad feedback about her.


I have added a Balance discussion topic for this hero:

Beta Feedback on her (gathered by Staff(:



I’m quite happy I don’t have to deal with yet another OP hero. Please leave this hero alone. I mean she’s better than Jade!


I take it you don’t have her yourself yet then? :wink:

There’s a difference between wanting a hero to be OP versus wanting to fix a completely broken hero. She probably is the worst hero even topping Salmon Loki (since its recent buff). She would do zero damage against a mono blue team, and isn’t even good against red due to the abundance of VF ailment blockers (particularly Grazul being a common HoTM).

Currently as she is, I find Jade to be a better and more useful hero lol as at least she mana cuts all enemies where as Exeera does nothing most of the time and at average speed. Compare her to other subpar heroes and she’s still excessively weaker/flawed.

But that’s just my opinion regardless of whether someone has her or not. These heroes have no place in the game IMO :joy:


She does seem pretty underwhelming on reading her card. At the very least couldn’t she also weaken the ice shields, thereby making her useful with a red tank?

As is I don’t see her being useful on defense and on offense you need to hope for a surplus of ice shields, in addition to those used to charge her. Like that is gonna happen :roll_eyes:


She’s similar to Roc in some aspects like the speed (Average) and the dot without initial hit.
I don’t know how powerful it can be until i test her(i don’t have her ) however at first glance the speed doesnt Match with his skill. A fast speed would be better for offense/defense.

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Yeah exactly, by the time you charge her you still need 12 tiles on the board for maximum damage and it’s likely game over before that happens. If they added a secondary affect, that would compensate for the minimum DoT

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Eh, just seeing her as a featured hero discourages me from pulling. This despite the fact that I have neither the Squid nor Zenobia, and would be oh so happy to get either of them.

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I know the feeling! You’d think SGG would want to encourage pulls not discourage it. Plus given the last new S4 hero Zekena is so good, wonder why they released a dud right after despite the beta feedback

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As is she feels like J-F without his secondary effects (which are actually what make him somewhat dangerous).


Oh that’s very true. And it’s funny cause when I had a board about JF there were a handful of people who still called him weak and outdated (even with his secondary effect). What does that say about Exeera :joy:

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