Exclusive Hero for Ideas Implemented from the Forum

I think it would be cool to reward players who materially contribute to the game via development/enhancement ideas.

Giving one to the originator of an idea that gets serious consideration for implementation and maybe to others who add to the the thread that make the idea significantly better (awards beyond the initiator at the discretion of SG).

An exclusive 5* hero wouldn’t be hard to create and would give props to players who help make the game better. Everyone who sees it in play would notice… If it’s strong, makes it more desirable, yielding better ideas (theoretically anyway…).

Thematically, think it would be fun to give the hero the ability to think/learn from their opponents and would keep this skill exclusive to the hero as well. Maybe would call it “Mimic”…

Perhaps something like this… (will call Hero A) average mana with the power to learn/mimic the special of the opponent attacked (Hero B) that caused mana to fill for Hero A at a power of some percentage based on the level of the caster (Hero A).

So if I’m Hero A, and the attack is against a lvl 4/1 Joon, my hero would attack at 85% starting out, but maybe climbs to 110% fully leveled. So the hero is somewhat of an “empath” or “chameleon”. If you need a healer, attack a healer last. The random element comes when diamonds or dragons are executed on a board. Mana will fill, but you can’t be 100% sure what you’re going to get. :wink:

PS to SG… If you pick this idea up for either the exclusive hero for ideas or just like the idea for the special, you could send one my way first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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