Exclusive account

Hello I would love to thank developers this wonderful game I second I have a wonderful idea I hope to be supported and implemented if it was a good idea

The idea will be successful and profitable for the developer of the game and will also be liked to the players, the idea is that the availability of distinguished memberships in exchange for a reasonable financial contribution so that these members have more opportunity to obtain the materials of escalation and signs of gold and also recall heroes and also the number of flags raids and Titan

High level players, who often spend a great deal already, will win lots more ascension materials due to better titan and chest loot.

They are also more likely to win raid and titan flasks, and, if they’re spending, can often buy them from the shop.

And paying to show off avatars and pins is already available.

Don’t worry, SG has already thought of ways to tempt us into a ‘reasonable financial contribution’!!

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