Exchanging heroes for AM

i dont know if someone suggested this but it would be nice and fair if we can exchange the heroes that we dont need to Ascending Materials for example 1 Hu Tao = 1 orb of magic or Vivica for 1 Poisson dart + orb of magic etc … i got a long list of heroes that i dont use and got X3 >10 of them and as we cant exchange with other members and we wont be able to do so at list give us an option to do something with those heroes other than feeding them to other heroes … i dont want to spend 100’s of $ to get 1 5 star hero that i already got 4 of him and then use him to give half a lvl to my current hero its just lame.

this will help finding AM that people already started to quit the game trying to get them and it wont be cheap and it will make someone at least a lil happy when he / she get that hero even he got him already before

Is nice your ideas and i like that :slight_smile:

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I really like that it wouldn’t feel like as much of a waste to pull duplicate 4* and 5* heroes. That would actually encourage me to pull more, and since I’m p2p that could mean more business for SG.

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Taip, būtų gerai keieistis herojais…

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