Exchange summon common tokens to epic token


Hi. I want to suggest one idea for all the players. I suggest that 20-25 common tokens to 1 epic token. I think that idea is very good and interesting.Vote for that because I know that you want that. Thanks for reading.


5 regular tokens per epic token isn’t going to happen because epic tokens are worth more than that. 25-100 regular tokens to an epic token would be much more reasonable. I get roughly 100 regular tokens per month. That would give a player who trades in the tokens and extra 1-4 epic tokens a month, which seems reasonable to me.

I would love for this idea to happen, especially since I’ve been collecting regular tokens :wink:


It’s wayyyyyy past time for something like this.


You are right. I thought about this. So I think now that 25 common tokens for one epic is better idea. Please here to suggest to my idea yours. Because, I think, this is good for all of us. Please reply and write what do you think:)). Thanks and Vote:)


I think it’s a pretty solid idea. For those who don’t care for new 4* or 5* could keep their summons for feeder heroes, and those without the necessary 4* & 5* would have a better shot at them. I like it. Though, I do agree, it should be more than five. It should be enough where it makes people think, “Would I rather get X amount of feeders or a chance at one good hero?”


I quite like the idea, but my votes are all used up so I can’t vote on this idea. I’d vote for it if i could!


Thats a great idea, i will give you my vote for that.
For one epic token, 25/30 seems more fair reasonable. Should be an exchange to do if the “alchemy lab” gets added.


Awesome idea. I think something in the range of 20 - 30 silver tokens for one epic summon token and 10 - 15 for one troop token would be a suitable price.

This would give those who don’t really need feeder heroes anymore but desperatly want to have new 4*/5* or seasonal event heroes (or still lack some of the ten different 4* troops) a better use for their silver tokens without making the rarer tokens too easily available.


Great idea. It will help the game to stay interesting over a long period of time and I don’t see any problem with it :man_scientist: