Exchange summon common tokens to epic token


Hi. I want to suggest one idea for all the players. I suggest that 20-25 common tokens to 1 epic token. I think that idea is very good and interesting.Vote for that because I know that you want that. Thanks for reading.

Tokens exchange
Trade daily summon tokens for epic troop and epic hero tokens

5 regular tokens per epic token isn’t going to happen because epic tokens are worth more than that. 25-100 regular tokens to an epic token would be much more reasonable. I get roughly 100 regular tokens per month. That would give a player who trades in the tokens and extra 1-4 epic tokens a month, which seems reasonable to me.

I would love for this idea to happen, especially since I’ve been collecting regular tokens :wink:


It’s wayyyyyy past time for something like this.


You are right. I thought about this. So I think now that 25 common tokens for one epic is better idea. Please here to suggest to my idea yours. Because, I think, this is good for all of us. Please reply and write what do you think:)). Thanks and Vote:)


I think it’s a pretty solid idea. For those who don’t care for new 4* or 5* could keep their summons for feeder heroes, and those without the necessary 4* & 5* would have a better shot at them. I like it. Though, I do agree, it should be more than five. It should be enough where it makes people think, “Would I rather get X amount of feeders or a chance at one good hero?”


I quite like the idea, but my votes are all used up so I can’t vote on this idea. I’d vote for it if i could!


Thats a great idea, i will give you my vote for that.
For one epic token, 25/30 seems more fair reasonable. Should be an exchange to do if the “alchemy lab” gets added.


Awesome idea. I think something in the range of 20 - 30 silver tokens for one epic summon token and 10 - 15 for one troop token would be a suitable price.

This would give those who don’t really need feeder heroes anymore but desperatly want to have new 4*/5* or seasonal event heroes (or still lack some of the ten different 4* troops) a better use for their silver tokens without making the rarer tokens too easily available.


Great idea. It will help the game to stay interesting over a long period of time and I don’t see any problem with it :man_scientist:


Thanks for your accept:)


Summon tokens are fine as is. They serve a purpose in the game regardless of how advanced you are. I use my silver summon tokens to get hero’s to feed to my 4 and 5 star’s. I also get a small chance at troops which I can use to level my troops. Both cases are a win situation regardless of how advanced you are. A 2-3 star feeder takes a minimal of 30mins to create. There always a valid use for the tokens I think.


Angel, you probably still have several 4* and/or 5* heroes to level up. In this case, feeder heroes are of course very valuable, especially 2* and 3* as it is pretty expensive to level 5* heroes.

However, as F2P and C2P player at some point you hit a wall when you already have all the trainable 4* heroes at least once and some or even most of the good 5*s–it might take months just to get a new hero worth leveling. It’s not really big fun if your only decision for red heroes is whether to level a second Gormek or a fourth Boldtusk :roll_eyes: Therefore, those players would benefit a lot if they had somewhat better chances at getting the paywall heroes and exchanging tokens of little use to ones of much better use might be a nice feature for them.

This won’t stop P2W players from investing as a few more golden coins don’t guarantee anything. Who wants to have their HoTM, Mother North etc desperately, is still gonna pay big time. Who wants Guin or Kageburado will have to invest gems anyway. So, this doesn’t hurt the game economy but brings quite some happiness to (or reduces frustration of) those who aren’t willing or able to spend tons of money to getat least a few of the increasing amount of untrainable heroes.


But just because there is a “valid use” for gray tokens doesn’t mean that there might not be an additional use that would add value to the game for some people.

If we believe SGG’s pricing, a gray token = 150 gems and a gold token = 300 gems. The fact that people think it would take 25 or so gray tokens to equal a gold one shows how severely overpriced the gray tokens are.

This idea (which I like) is along the lines of Atlantis coins – you accumulate enough of something, and you get a free summons. The difference is that you would have two ways to use the gray tokens: a daily summons or as a fraction of an epic summons.

For that matter, we could extend the idea to allow, say, 10 gray tokens to be used as an epic troop token. Personally, I want more troops.


It can be done like this: 10 silver tokens + say 30 gems -> Epic Troop Token, 25 silver tokens + 50 gems -> Epic Hero Token
50 gems is affordable for f2p player as well.
Conversion can be done in a Forge or in Alchemist lab, once it is introduced.


I think that silver summoning should includes 3* heroes as well. I am not aware which kind of probability but it makes sense because 1-3 and 3-5 are more equilibrated summoning groups.


Silver tokens do include 3* heroes and 3* troops


Others suggested that into the silver summoning would be increased the rate of training heroes but this would not help about troops.

Others pointed out that the Training Center levels between 5÷9 are unacceptable costly unless training heroes training rate would be steeply increased.

It is possible that there is a logic behind these discrepancies that some users noticed and this logic make the game development paid by some that act differently that we are used to.


It would cool to be able to trade in say 30 daily summons tokens for a elemental summons or 15 for a Troup token.


That would be great, except for tge fact tgat unless they start allowing you to bank daily tokens it just cannot happen tgat way. Would be great though.


What do you mean by bank daily tokens?