Exchange shop heroes materials in alliances


Good morning, I would like to share an idea to allow the exchange of heroes and materials in an alliance for a small amount of gems … for example … a change of hero of 5 * … 300 gems , as an invocation, change of materials, 100 gems per unit … that way we would be able to advance all of them. It’s something that people increasingly ask for and it would be a fair way to share heroes and materials


pls have these! i have so many materials that i cannot use because i lack some


please let me know when this applies so i can make a whole alliance made of my accounts to serve my main account.

i just gave you an idea what would happen if they apply any kind of trading between players even it cost gems.

but maybe you can exchange the AM with your self at the same lvl >> for example dart to telescope etc or exchange a hero to AM of the same lvl >> Vivica to dart + magic orb