Exchange request



I can imagine, why Devs don’t support the most requests to add some ‘exchange- or trade-function’. It’s their business to keep the players wanting certain heroes, items, ascension-mats and so on. If WE - the players - had the chance to get those things by trading or exchange we would use these other ways and selling gems would become less profitable. Less profit would for sure change the care Devs take on their game.

But what’s speaking up against a little exchange-function for each player if we are talking about food and iron?

The more your stronghold grows the less important becomes iron!
And sometimes it’s vice versa and a player hungers for iron to build the next level of a building.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to exchange food for iron and iron for food?

No trading with members of an Alliance, just trading with ‘yourself’ at watchtower or stronghold.
No cheap equivalent exchange one to one, but one for two or even three.

It would be so rewarding to give iron or food or generally unneeded ressources a meaning!

I don’t think, exchanging ressources will harm the sales. So think about it and fight the waste of the base ressorces!

Best regards, faithful player.


The other reason for not wanting inter-player trades, beyond the economics of it, are the support issues. Technical glitches resulting in lost/mis-traded items, traders remorse whining, traders’ remorse claiming fake technical glitches, unscrupulous people taking advantage of new players, etc. There’s a lot of extra baggage that comes with a system like that.


I agree. But this is a game and people got to interact and help then fun begins. Tell me, What is there in this game to establish a good relationship between player. The best scenario is a Titan battle and thats it. People are kicked and leave the alliance all the time of titan battle. Specially new player are push around so much that they don’t feel the importance of staying in a particular alliance. player feel isolated. Not after long they just get bored and move on. If there is treading, player will build a relationship, talk, come out of Shel and be a team player in a alliance. If game is fun people stay longer meaning there are chances they might invest more. Dave and his team will have to come up with some other idea for bringing profit and let us have treading. These days game have to connect player… I mean no offense to anyone, just expressing my opinion.


First: THX for replying.

There are always pros and cons to a issue. Barbarossa is as right as Dante is. Some like team building content, others prefer to ‘just play’.

I know about the risks, real trading adds to a game, such as Dante mentioned. There are more, like trade-Alliances, bots. In the end epic loot loses epicness!

That’s what i don’t wait!

What i want, is to end seeing main-ressources being wasted, when storehouses are filled to the max. You need food and/or iron for almost everything and it’s a shame if they will be wasted.

Look at the costs of main-ressources. Anyone who understands the value of gems don’t spend gems for food or iron. What they do? They will wait for the needed ressource and that is imo the most boring thing! You have to wait for one of the two simplest ressources, while the actually unneeded ressource is getting wasted.

For sure there are more items wasted in stack because people stop using them when they grew up. These Items are kind of wasted too, but these aren’t as important as main-ressources.
Ascension-mats were also wasted, if the right hero is missing to use them, but these ascension-mats is what we are fighting for as we summon heroes to get a 3☆ or more. That’s imo the game’s engine.

Let’s hear some more opinions.


Time to revive this idea.

I would like a new building “market/exchange” which requires a lvl 10/15 building to transform. There you can exchange:

  • Food for Iron
  • Iron for Food
  • Iron for Gems
  • Food for Gems

On the highest Level I could imagine 500k-1kk food for 1 gem and 250k-500k iron for 1 gem. Right now there are a lot of players with maxed buildings and few mats for battle items and the stocks are just full.
As a side node … the second builder from VIP can be made as “double builder or double ressources”, which would solve the issue with a useless builder as soon as you base is maxed.

For balance discussions, daily income food/iron with all relevant buildings maxed is 1.488.504 food and 525.168 iron.


In another game I played, there was trade possibility, there was even a thread on official forum for it, but the company made clear they did not support losses. Players used private chat to arrange it. There were some losses, but minimal.