Exchange heroes to Soul Exchange Coin to free up space

Maybe it would be better to be able to exchange 5 legendary heroes for an SE coin, which you then can use in the Soul Exchange as those 5 heroes. This would free up roster space and keep Soul Exchange as it is. This would also be beneficial to not spend heroes in an SE and exchange them for another you don’t need, just because you need the roster space.

  • 5 heroes = one SE coin; could put unlimited amount in inventory
  • SE tier 1 = two SE coins
  • SE tier 2 = three SE coins
  • SE tier 3 = four SE coins

@PlayForFun should this be moved to a separate Idea & Feature request? Want to avoid over-loading the forum but also don’t want to get this proposal missed.


This is a good idea. Many will bite if this goes through.


That would be fantastic. A similar idea was proposed in beta (convert dupes to “soul dust” as a form of currency to be used in the SE), when SE went through beta. Sadly, the idea was ignored.


Suspect that Zynga wants player to keep buying roster space.


Ok, I have moved it to a new topic.

And this would be a good feature :slight_smile:


Sadly, indeed.
However, could be partially solved by not putting coins in the inventory, but replacing 5 heroes by one (dummy) ‘SE-HERO’ which is worth five heroes at the Soul Exchange. This would free up 4 roster spaces but still potentially roster space needs to be purchased.


This would be a good idea to implement. But SG probably prefer their idea to push the “Roster Expansion” offer that shows up every few months.

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That offer is monthly, at a minimum. Bi-monthly sometimes. It is definitely popular.

At US$4.99, and 100,000 purchases, that offer brings in US$500,000 each round. Bi-monthly => US$1M

I doubt that Zynga will allow for SE coins of any sort. Why would they want to lose this US$500,000 each round ?

Because they all of a sudden grow a conscience and want to improve our QoL?

:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: it will be a cold day in Hell when Zynga develops a socially-minded conscious. They are a business known for maximising revenue and profit.

All the little bits and pieces of QoL seen in the game now should have been included from Day 1 of this game. As part of their responsibility as the Game Developer.

And not rely on enthusiastic players, who volunteer their time and effort, to create maps for this or that.

Not like Zynga/SGG weren’t getting paid for their efforts. Revenue for This game is slated to cross US$2B in 2023. That’s how highly monetised this game is.

Do a good job once for regular stuff and it’s done.


You want zynga to make a decision that improves player satisfaction AND cuts into their revenue??? Dude, not sure what you’re using, but it’s impolite not to share. Because that stuff is POTENT!!!

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Omg this is a solution that I dream of, I have constant anxieties because of my roster space and I hold my breath in anticipation for the roster expansion offer every month :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Me parece una buena idea

Estoy totalmente a favor

It is a good idea but Zynga will not bite because it will eat into their revenue.

The only way they will allow this is to charge an admin fee in gems : say 200 gems. Or maybe even 500 gems (100 gems per hero to be used for SE) because this idea will release up a lot of roster space and many will not need to keep buying roster space.

Zynga makes money from players buying roster space.

I have reached 800 gems for 5 slots.

Many have reached at least 1000 gems for 5 slots.

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Anybody else think that the zynga home office looks like Scrooge McDuck’s money vault, and the employees can dive into it during their lunch breaks?

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The resulting concussions would explain a lot of the recent bugs in the game :joy:

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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Well-played sir. Extra characters here.

This is true but at the same time they ain’t getting any more roster expansions from me :sweat_smile: I’m at 1100 gems per expansion so I just wait for the roster expansion deals now since they are an absolute bargain in my situation lol.

Me too. I can’t bring myself to burn 800 gems for 5 slots now.

Monitoring frequency of regular offers. That roster offer still looks more like monthly rather than bi-monthly (which it was for a few months)

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