Exchange Event Hero/HOTM for past HOTM

I would like to suggest that if there will be a function which late comers able to exchange their current event hero/HoTM they got + ??? Gem for those old time HoTM which they unable to get it for now and maybe future if those hero never come back.

This will also a way which motivate new comers to draw/spend more when there is event so they able to exchange the event/HoTM for the old time HoTM.

I also support this idea!

I been reading that SG have plans for the returns of the old HoTM, but how?
Adding them into the regular TC20 is always a dream but it might greatly upset players who spend a fortune months ago. So giving an option to trade for them will definitely be a nice idea.

I will strongly recommend that we can ONLY trade in 5* heroes from the Events in Pirates, Guardian, Forest and Knight towards old HoTM. I must admit that HoTM are hard to get but everyone also know that it is so random in the game. There are players with 7 - 21 Gravemakers while someone can draw 100 times without 1.

If Dev are so generous and allow HoTM to exchange for HoTM, I can only say: Thank You and many “lucky” players will be able to get the whole library of heroes at a very low cost!

But exchanging events 5* heroes of our duplicate for a HoTM with additional cost is a pretty fair deal.
I think everyone will know that 5* events heroes are so tough to get, getting a spare one to trade for previous HoTM is a combination of luck and some spending!
Correct me if I am wrong. Please show me a row of duplicate Arthur or Guin please…

This also solve the problems of those players that complains over lousy 5* event heroes such as Guardian Kong and Boss Wolf etc…

Being a new players, we will definitely feel that it is so UNFAIR that we did not have a chance to get hold of the previous HoTM especially Alberich, Zeline, Ares, Athena and many overpowered heroes!
It is really UNFAIR for SG to punish newcomers of the game so badly and deprive them of good heroes of the PAST.
I sincerely hope that SG are really working hard as they mentioned that the return of the old Hotm should be done this year.

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But this doesn’t really seem fair - those that had luck drawing HOTM and have many duplicates will be able to exchange for several former HOTM, while those that are F2P might never be able to exchange. I am greatly in favour of a method that makes former HOTM available to all players again.

Exchanging heroes doesn’t seem fair. The only fair way of getting the old HOTM would be
a) gradually adding them to the regular heroes pile (for example 1 HOTM/a month)
b) creating a special summon gate for them that would be put up once in a while. This creates a “problem” of chances of getting them being too big tho. But it might be something like Event Summon - in ES you get the event heroes + bunch of regular ones. A “HOTM Summon” could work exactly like that - all heroes of the month + a bunch of regular ones (just so you can still get annoyed when you pull 3 Banes and 4 Friar Tucks doing a 10x Pull)

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