Excess 5* heroes

Not a humblebrag.

I have over 30 excess 5* heroes and now with details on hero academy I’m wondering whether it makes any sense to keep them. Already have 34 fully maxed and enough mats for 5 or 6 more.

I get keeping 5 or 6 to use for hero academy but honestly I’m only missing a few from s1 and only 5 or 6 HOTM, and with the current odds out of beta even that seems like a fool’s errand.

anyone else sitting on excess 5* heroes? If so what are you thinking about eating them, or have you already?


Yes, yes and yes :slight_smile:

For me, I had 30x spare 5* I had set aside specifically for use in the Hero Academy.

Running the maths tho on turning those 30x heroes (most triple or quadruple or Pentuples) into a non-S1 hero:

In order to have a >50% chance of turning one of them into a “Non-S1 Hero” It takes 14 attempts. Which is 98 days costing 4,200 recruits & 24,052,000 Food

To turn ALL 30 heroes = 420 retrainings (at >50% chance)

  • 2940 days (8.05 years) - assuming instant back-to-back retrainings… which isn’t possible in current iteration.
  • 126,000 Recruits
  • 721,560,000 Food

Thats not mentioning the fact that MOST of the Non-S1 Heroes I already have so dont necessarily NEED… so could end up increasing a bunch more times…

So given all the above maths & the fact I’m running out of space (again)… I’ve eaten 5 of those dupes just this morning…


Yes, I have plenty sitting at level 1. Waiting impatiently for the Hero Academy and hoping it doesn’t get ruined like the Alchemy Lab. Can’t bring myself to feed them to another hero given how rare it is to pull one.

Seeing Guv’s math on the matter is kind of depressing though.

Your math, it’s correctness offends me.

Any word on whether using special 5* makes any difference vs S1 vanilla? I’ve gotten very lucky on some very unlucky months.

It doesn’t. Equal RNG opportunity for all.







This made me chuckle :blush:


Casualties so far, probably only start of the purge:

Sartana # 5
Elkanen # 4
Kadilen # 4
Leonidas # 3
Horghall # 3

I think some more of these, and some others, will be fed away before I am done

All because the Hero Academy is a large pile of dung

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I ate up duplicated Slow SS1 heroes… Horghall is the best example… You need only 1 of him in your roster. He will show up only when Tournament 5* Rush Attack is ON… Believe me.

Vivica is tougher choice there because of costume but I think I agree with you.

This morning I got Baldur and Justice who I didn’t have so the purge started. Any that I had more than two of were reduced to two. So two Malosi, two Grimble, two Vivicas and a few others went to the great hero academy in the sky


Well over 100 dup 5*.
4*/3* are more reasonable, though getting out of hand.
492 hero slots (800 gems to increase by 5), 4 extra slots for feeders :rofl:

I’m struggling with eating 5*, but Valhalla pulls aren’t done, yet - and there seems to be no advantage to having more than two 5*


Wow wow… I currently do not have so many 5* dup to spare… too valuable dup HOTM.
The only S1 dup what I have is 2nd Magni which is still can be usefull if I do not get any other 5* blue.
Now (I mean yesterday), I start TC20 again for this purpose… lol :muscle: :+1: I hope I can get 5* for preparation Hero Academy.

PS: I never ate 5* heroes

When you got 2-3 Horghall, you will have to learn how to feed him to others.
I will not eat Magni either even though I have 2-3 of him, because his mana is fast and superior costume.
But, once again, NOT for Horghall.

Believe me.

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