Create an upgradable Electric power Generator Plant at the water fall. Lots of water power there, use it! Player would have option of what to use the power for selected from following;
Power could be used to build and run a Gem Mine, start with one Gem per hr upgradable.
Power for building Hero Bombs (No nukes lol)
A) Fire B) Ice C) Lightning strikes D) Meteorite E) Supression F) Cannabis lol
3) *****
Stealth mode for one Hero one level upgradable. Or could be an invincible mode for one Hero for one level upgradable for multi levels. Maybe only used on 1* or 2** Heroes, and that Hero would stay with your lineup for game duration
Night mode for lighting up the Castle and buildings. You know, for the workers on the night shift.
Power to run the Mad Scientist Laboratory for building the Hero of your choosing or for building Frankenstein.

This is a fun idea!!!

Cool idea! How would the power plant b run? Would u earn points to generate it or would it b gem based? I mean to create the items. Or even simply just like crafting. Either way the other ideas for changing things up were cool too. Well dun!

The plant would be built like any other improvement, with Iron and food or Gems. But the continuous water flow, The Power is perpetually suppling the energy to run the Plant “Free” every hour, that in turn generates the power to the other suggestions.

The wonder Creators of the game created mills for our food and mines for our iron, why not create an Electric Generation plant so that we the players can build around that plant and we the players can create new and powerful war items.
For the players, by the Players. Lol

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