[Ex-Member] used flags in war

We had a strange situation in our latest war.

One player on the opposition was named [Ex-Member], indicating that the player had left the alliance. One of my first flags was attacking this player (one of the stronger teams), about four hours into the war, and that was definitely the name.

At the end of the war I noticed that [Ex-Member] was the top attacking player for the opposition, and all the flags were used after I had used all six of mine.

That implies one of two scenarios:

  1. The player left the alliance, thus becoming an ex-member, and later returned to use the war flags, something I thought was not allowed to happen.
  2. The player is deliberately using the name [Ex-Member] which I thought was against game policy.

Either way this should not have happened.

I have screenshots backing this up. Should I be opening a support ticket?


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