Ex-Member is Scoring points in War

This may be an issue. I am not sure. A member of the opposing team is marked Ex-Member. He is scoring points during the war. As far as I can tell, no member of that team is named Ex-Member.

![image|281x500] (upload://3S2fvRC2xd2CnZAenrpJSmbf7nV.jpeg)

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Could have scored his points and then left. That would be my guess.


Yes, he simply left during war.


Or that’s their name.


sometimes all my alliance mates are marked as ex-member, and when I force quit and start again they are back to themselves. maybe it was just some glitch

Yes the player(s) left after their hits. You can see them in the upper left corner of the battlefield and the upper mid. Someone that has left won’t be seen in the roster.

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None of those answers fit.

I looked at their roster. Nobody has the name [Ex-Member].

The player was listed as [Ex-Member] from the beginning of the war, but only scored points during the last 2 hours.

The whole alliance was NOT listed as [Ex-Member], only the one player.

This was NOT solved.

Have you checked with how many they where in the alliance before the war and noted the names?
So you can compare them with names afterwards?

My guess would also be that he/she did the 6 hits and left. Happens with us too, people going to the smaller alliance but want to fill or finish the war they started not to disadvantage us.

There appear to be multiple users on the enemy team who are [ex-member]. How exactly can you tell which of them was making the attacks when?

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Once we had the same issue in our titan attack history. We kicked a member and another one joined. Thereafter the server went mad with our nicks and several members were mentioned as [Ex-member] in the titan attack history. Next reboot of the game solved it. I was scared that several members left for a short moment.

Long story short it were just missing fetches from the database.

Both of these people are listed as [Ex-Member].


My guess would be one left at the beginning, which you noted. The second did some hits and then left, which gives [Ex-Member] points.


I did not notice the new Ex-Member. Thank you!


Hopefully you won the war :smile:

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