Ex-member defense team still active

My alliance is facing an opponent that had two members that left before war started. Unfortunately, both of their teams are still present on the battlefield. One in particular has over 4000tp which is high for their alliance. I can see where this bug/ glitch could easily be exploited. This may have already been pointed out elsewhere. If it has, sorry for the re-post.

It’s a new feature to help Alliances that lose a member before the war starts. As losing any member is such a great disadvantage. This at least helps alleviate that a little bit, but not fully. Yes, the defense stays, keeping the point spread among the team. But that ex-member can’t attack, still giving the opposite team the flag advantage.

I don’t think it can be abused. Since the matchmaking is done with that player in mind, its still a disadvantage to lose that player’s attacks no matter how you look at it.


I can understand that, but if you have low level members jumping out to let higher power “mercs” come in just to leave their team on the battlefield, that is a disadvantage for the opposing team. Especially when many alliance members are going against these 4000+ teams with barely 3000.

Yes but those high power mercs would be taken into account when matching for war. And you would still lose attackers if those merc Don’t stay.

It shouldn’t work this way. Teams of members that left before matching was done are not available for the war, mercs can’t jump in after matching. If rotation was done before matching, mercs’ strength will be accounted while choosing a foe.

Thanks for the replies. It just freaked several of our members out when they saw that there was a high powered player that was no longer on the opposite team.

So we had just the opposite happen. Alliance member left after matchmaking started. Their team is on the field. Will their team stay for the duration of the war? That puts us down 6 flags from the start. Team points may be spread out but it puts us at offensive disadvantage from the start of war.

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