Ex-member bug during Preparation phase

Team member went out during preparation phase to come back minutes later and find out that he’s ‘Ex-member’. To see if it’s a bug, second player went out and the same thing happened. Will they be able to use their flags, please?

yes, they will be able to use their flags

this is a duplicate

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I have doubts that this is a duplicate, I haven’t found anything similar. As you can see in the screen shot (green dots), players are back in the alliance but their names are [Ex-member]. Could this be just a visual issue?

I have identical issue in my alliance, it might happenning because of new update(I guess)

I hope its only visual

No, that’s just now it works. As long as they are in the alliance for the start of the war their names will appear when the war starts.

I don’t remember the last time I left my alliance during war preparation, but what would concern me is that the player names are still listed as Ex-member after returning.

That seems new to me. And I know they have just started rolling out a new update. I do hope it’s just a visual bug for the affected players and their alliances.

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