Evolving heroes past their star level

Hear me out. Kinda like Pokémon, a hero could have the potential to evolve to a new rarity level with enough use or mats. I think it would be pretty cool to allow heroes to develop past their 3 or 4 star potential. For example, allowing Boldtusk to gain enough play time that he could become a legendary hero. I’m sure SG could find a way to make money off of it but also it could allow dedicated players the reward of using a 3 or 4 star hero enough that they can evolve to the next level. I don’t know, I play a lot and it can get kind of boring to continue to use most (I said most, not all) 3 or 4 star characters when you have a roster full of great 5 stars. Perhaps it would encourage using certain heroes you wouldn’t normally use in quests/ raids/ or map stages. WhT do you guys think?

I did a quick search to see if a topic like this existed and didn’t see anything, so I’m sorry if I missed it.

Isn’t this just limit breaking…?


Actually it would screw up the Rare, Epic and Legendary monthly challenge events for top scoring in their classes. It would also throw off the secret developed troops in lower troop classes and ruin the meta. Lol

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Not really, because you would be capping it for 5 stars and allowing classic heroes to evolve into something more useful.

Nice. Very constructive. Ideas and feedback….

Honestly, if heroes get 2% stronger than they are atm, the matches are going to have 2 turns only.

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To me and this is just my personal opinion about the game. Developers gave us the option to evolve our heroes with greater stats with the introduction of emblems.
They then further allowed us to evolve heroes with Limit Breaking (one chevron).
I am sure that over time we can further increase stats by 2nd, 3rd, 4th LB chevron
Just my two pennies worth

Emblems and limit breaking and his strength are valued higher than a 4.80 s1 5*. Seems redundant to ask.

Kinda like summoners war, interesting idea