Evolve / Ascend Heroes with Duplicates. (2 into 1)

Hi all, my suggestion is to make an evolve button. So if you have 2 Richard 5*, you can evolve the 2 to make a ultimate Richard 6* which could go up to lvl 90.

How do you plan to do this with hero of the month that are no longer available?

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They could always rerelease. Special events etc…

■■■■ if they did that I would regret already eating all my doubles… :frowning:

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If I add two 5* to evolve them, I get…a 6*? Or a brand new/different 5*?

I would make a 6* Same hero but with a different look and slightly better skill. That way you know who the original hero was

Would make things unbalanced and give huge advantages over those who have spent and those who haven’t. I’ve seen one player with 5 Athenas. Imagine that player having 2 6* Athenas or one 7* Athena.

Perhaps an option for an auction house or something, but again that just adds in further unbalancing (?) to the game.


I didn’t say anything about 7* heroes. However, do you not think someone who spent $$$ does not deserve anything?
5 Athenas is a lot but someone who spends that much money surely has 90% of the 5* heroes on board so what would they trade for?

I know you didn’t, but I’m just giving an example of what could evolve :slight_smile:

If people are willing to spend to get better heroes and troops, that’s fine. They get benefits of getting things quicker than taking several months. If you turn the game into a serious P2W affair, you will lose players very quickly. I personally don’t want to see that as I’m enjoying the game and don’t want to be turned away by the high cost to play. :grinning:

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Ok here’s a solution… make a 6* for evolving 2 5* and give it an extra titan beating skill.

I totally understand about not wanting to lose players as this game is fun but there is a lot you can do. Games usually are there for the money and they will eventually bring 6* out anyway

This is an interesting idea!
But why limit it to 5*?
You should be able to merge every duplicate card.

Key would be not making it too easy.

Say you can merge any 2xfully ascended duplicate heros exactly 1 time. And that would make you “ultmate” version of the card. But still take an effort to do.

Giving the cards higher base stats by increasing the level cap with 5-10 levels, and some sort of bonus to their skill. (Stronger, last longer, additional property I don’t know)

This has potential! :slight_smile:

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5* was just an example! You got my idea perfectly.
It would be any duplicate card and both need to be fully ascended to evolve so it would be easy to do.

I understand that people who pay stand a bigger advantage but if they didn’t then what’s the point in spending money?

Glad you agree

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Got to admit, I’d rather not see this happen and I have duplicate 5*. I agree with what you’re saying about having hero’s that you can’t use now, I’d like to see a system where it could be utilized too.
What that system is I’m not sure.
One suggestion could be a trade in of some sort, say you have 2 5* you are never going to use, trade that for a 5* of your choice.


I keep 2 copies of every hero 4 star and up…just in case. I have at least 2 of nearly every regular 5 star (Only missing Khagan) and 2 of nearly every HOM dating back to Athena. I’m certain there are others out there that have the same.

Personally I think 5* is definitely high enough but a promotion bar to be used on any maxed hero below that with an added buff or status ailment would be nice. Picture Valen level 4^70 with extra damage to fire and the maybe 5^80 all heroes gaining 60% defense against nature. I mean they’re always creating new heroes why not help us develop the ones we already love!

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