Evolution instead of revolution - Stop spending cash! 14.02 - 28.02

Dear Players, the last couple of month, Small Giant Games showed their true face. One bugged Event followed another. The game was floated with new content, which proved to be untestet and unbalanced.
If you proceed with this, the game will be history in a short period.
Do you want that to, dear players? Me not, because I like the game and I found friends in here.
To make SG listen, I beg you stop spending money for two weeks. We have to show SG that we are not only cows, waiting to get milked.
We are humans and wanted to be treated repsctfull.
Spread out the begging, to slow down the content speed and increase the qualitiy. And then, it is okay to earn money.
Otherwise we can rest this game in peace.
To mark our statement, I just announced the the next tow weeks, beginning of monday the 14th. It has no reason, only that we have to start to make our point.
Please join this evolution, because we don’t need a revolution.


Why stop at 2 weeks… Go for the year. Many are f2p and would love to have u join their ranks. One question though… How would u enforce it? You working off the honor system? Good luck with your cause. There are a ton of these threads. Hope u have a more positive outcome than they did. I respect your choice and fight, however I will continue to spend because I still enjoy the game with flaws and all.
Good luck my friend
:beer: :popcorn:


We already had no spend november. Did it accomplish it’s goals? Or did it lead us to where we are now?

I’m f2p, so I can just sit back and watch


I’m in but I’ll sign to the rest of the year maybe longer. Can’t wait til next Christmas :christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow: event! What are they gonna come out with?! Pengi costume? Buffs? An apology? Yeah right. Anyways, I’m in.
Would love to make a little dent in their bottom line. They only language they understand and if it doesn’t work? Still better off for it. Cheers

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I thought the the whole No Spend November started with top alliances wanting better loot from the alliance quest, a goal which was realized at the expense of worse loot for everyone else.

Personally, I am on board with stopping spending. However, for me personally, this spending hiatus will be until such a time as SG shows that they are willing to work towards true balance.

I do not like that cKrampus was heavily nerfed, however, I can accept nerfs if needed, and if they are a part of a holistic approach to balancing.

The problem with the Krampus nerf to me is that I see Pengi as the hero who broke Christmas defenses, not Krampus. And Pengi was left almost completely unscathed.

Now, even if we allow that these teams are (were?) too prevalent, I think this was a missed opportunity to give some love to heroes that need it, in an attempt to help reduce the efficacy of such teams from both ends. So yes, nerf cKrampus (and Pengi), but also buff Noor, Viscaro, Uraeus, Gobbler, Captain of Diamonds, and other minion counters.

I essence, if a style of team becomes too prevalent, reduce this efficacy by a combination of buffing it’s counters and nerfing as needed. Nerfs by themselves do not accomplish this.

I look at the heroes that were buffed in the same balance change as cKrampus’ nerf, and only 1 stands out as doing anything to minion teams.

Director Zuri does nothing to counter such teams. I fact, she is often enough a dangerous part of them.

Emilio does nothing to counter XMas teams.

Nor do Theobald, Milena, Nadezhda, Motega, Agrafena, Cristobal, Anton, or Anastasia.

The only hero to be buffed who sort of helps against these teams, was Eiora & Fluffy with the health reduction against heroes with minions.


This sg is big beggars and fraud…1st they release hero and trap stupid customers to spend lot of money then all of sudden they nerf it lol sg stinks !!


‘This game will be history’ posts circa 2010, lol.

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I agree it’s the only way SG will stop and think about what they are doing, is to cut spending.
I haven’t completely stopped spending but i have reduced it massively.
I only now buy the odd small deal to top up gems. Maybe 10e a month.
No more big pulls trying to get a hero.

I am less angry about things that SG do in this game since i cut my spending, the main reason people are angry is when they spend a fortune trying to get a hero and it gets nerfed.

The moral , don’t spend a fortune trying to get a hero, then you won’t be as angry when it gets nerfed, because the chances are you won’t even have that hero. :rofl:

On the other hand SG are clever with their recent buffs… They are conditioning people into believing if you pull for a super rare hero… It won’t get nerfed, instead there is a chance it will get buffed.
But that’s only while it remains super rare, when it becomes common… Nerfs will happen to any OP Hero the moment it stops being a money maker.


I’m on borad but tbh bud won’t work unfortunately as players don’t want to fall behind. Especially new heros that come in.

SG knows they got most of us by the balls lol.


I have to agree. The game is becoming very hot! Possibly the too cheap to play which I can agree is a personal choice is burning off alot of them. However, the game is progressing much faster than failing rosters over time. Maybe Soul Exchange will help the extremely too cheap to play…Who knows?

I’m old enough to remember a 2 week no spend movement that resulted in changing Clash of Knights from standard garbage to complete, utter, steaming garbage, so I’m kind of worried here. SGG has a weird notion of what an improvement is.

Also, what is it with these 2 week protests? Is there a magical property attached to this specific duration I’m not aware of? One would think this kind of initiative needs to last much longer to have any tangible effect.

Or better yet, not having a fixed and announced duration at all. If you go on a strike and tell your employer it’ll last 2 weeks, after which you’ll get back to work, you’re essentially signing up for a fortnight of unpaid vacation - and probably for getting fired afterwards. Ideally, you want to threaten them not to work until they meet your demands or accept a negotiation.

You’d also need a united front, which has virtually no chance to happen amongst the E&P player base.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that SGG has taken stupid to a whole other level lately, but this kind of endeavour seems doomed to fail.


I won’t be spending for a long long time, if ever. They’ve just nerfed a superb hero costume after making him front and centre in the winter pull, and within a month absolutely ruined it. It’s shocking. Other heros that have had this sort of nerf didn’t happen within a month. Stinks to high heaven, I had 2 krampus……both maxed costumes so yeah I’m really really not happy at all!

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I believe that only like 30% of players use this forum or read it. so succesfulness of this is very hard to accomplish.

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I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work.

I mean it’s great if someone realize that they are more happy if they stop spending. It’s also great if someone likes spending.

Sg showed their true face since years and every few months the outrage gets higher than normal.

They showed their true face

  • years ago when they nerfed guin after she was hunted
  • when they first sold ascension mats
  • when they added 5 more (expensive) offers for challenge events instead of the one cheap one
  • when they killed tournament loot
  • when they introduced emblems
  • when they sold emblems
  • when they introduced costumes for S1
  • when they introduced costumes for the best event heroes
  • when they nerfed telluria and vela
  • when they added limit breakers
  • when they sold limit breakers

I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of things, were people were outraged because Sg showed finally their true greedy face.
But now really everyone understands it, right?
Until the next unpopular decision when we see the next “now they showed their true face” thread.

I remember when they implemented wars, that was practically unplayable for months, fair matchmaking wasn’t bugged it was non existing and loot was a joke (no war chest)
Same with tournaments, broken for weeks and loot Desaster.

So one bugged event after another is also something I remember from pretty much the beginning.

Another line I see every few months since nearly the beginning.
It will end someday, I don’t know when, maybe soon maybe in years but in the minds of some players this game died already two dozen times in the last 5 years.

To what should they listen?

Last no spend month was a complete Desaster because their wasn’t one voice speaking, no united players. Everyone participating had different opinions what should change.

When it was over the only thing changing was better loot for top 100 in alliance events and worse loot for everyone else.
The few super whales crying about not getting a 5* Aether in top 100 were heard because if they should stop spending Sg would probably recognize it, the rest was ignored.

And to be honest, not even that worked well, because the same people shouting the loudest how unfair the loot is and that they stop spending were the same people who had all the new shiny heroes released in no spent November. So it was probably more the threat of those that they may stop spending, than actually stopping from many who just pay a little bit each month.

14th for two weeks.

Old wallhalla event, event with all the old event heroes, myth Titan and S4.
Truly devastating for Sg. The only thing here halfway interesting for people who would make a difference are new costumes in festival event (if they even release some)

Why not next month with S5 or the newly buffed circus heroes, this would maybe make a statement (if some people would actually stop spending and not just talk)

To be honest, if you want to be happy stop spending completely. I’m now f2p for around 2 years and happier than ever with the game.

If you want to continue spending, just do it. And if there are good deals in those 2 weeks buy them and don’t throw your money out after the 2 weeks for worse deals just to make a statement.

Happy playing for all :+1:


You speak a lot but directly into fact.
Well said @ferg


Truer words have never been spoken. That was good


Ditto, although I still pay for ViP - not completely f2p.

The no-spend November taught me several very important things:

  1. Players who promote such ideas to complete their own goals usually continue to spend in secret - results shown by the whales I questioned during the No-Spend November. Most notable one was Zero from 7DD - one of the leading alliances who promoted the No-Spend November and had a tag on their alliance name during the event - who stated that he (and several other of his alliance members, possibly all of them) continue to spend during the No-Spend November

  2. The majority of the players who state that they don’t spend during such “no-spend” projects cannot be trusted.

  3. The gambling addiction (a.k.a. spending for pulls) is incurable thus any “no-spend” project will have little impact on SG’s financial gains. Or even if they have a small decrease of income during a “no-spend” period, after that period ends, they will have huge increase due to players whose fingers are already tingling with anticipation to pull for the next OP hero.

  4. The only ones who can be trusted to stick to any “no-spend” project are the ones who are proven to be disciplined enough to not spend at all - namely, the f2p players. And they can’t really contribute to any “no-spend”


I think everybody needs to decide for himself. Today I’m still not in a mood to buy even very good offers. Moving forward I decided not to buy any gem/coins offers for the not specified time being. Could be a month, could be a year, could be forever. I don’t want to make a firm statement. Basically during that gem/coin offers hiatus, I can think about buying POV pass (cheaper one) or 4* items (D-blades) as there are guaranteed things, not something SG can nerf in a month.


This. And I’d like to add “to decide wisely”.

The game is what it is, and we can all see where it’s heading. Play and spend accordingly.

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IMO that is not quite correct. Zero and Fur proposed a 14 days no spend timeframe in November, it ended with the start of the MT event. The nospend november was a movement from other players.
And I saw their Alliance tag it stated that if SG would not slow down spawning new heroes they will loose paying players.
Avengers and Last Legion used the same tag. I do not know if anyone from 7DD, Avengers or Last Legion spend in this two weeks, but there was no important event with new heroes, so it is unlikely. And they changed the loot system for CoK to be more consistent with ones achievement, still a lot of rng but more balanced.
Even if I will never get that top tier loot, I think its ok, high placement should yield better loot. They use a lot of WE, items and time, so they shall be rewarded.

But you came near the core of the problem, the divide between the players. I see two main fractions, one says „ we pay and support the game, so we should get all the good things“.
Some of them even despise f2p…
The other fraction says „we are to clever to pay large amounts on a mobile game“. they blame the spenders more than the devs for everything that goes wrong. With this divide nothing will ever change until one day, after the revenues are below a certain marker, they will shut down their servers.
If the players do not respect each other, why should respect SG the players?

Next is adressed to everyone not you especially :

Communicate respectfully, dont blame players on their spending habbits and get rid of some toxic comments here in the forum. Reestablish respect and trust between the players. Thats the only way to stand united to change something.

Happy gaming