Evolution 4 stars heros

who could please remind me the materials needed to upgrade 4 stars heros (all colors)
thanks a lot, enjoy

Compass and fine gloves for every color.
4 hidden blades for red
4 sturdy shields for green
4 warm capes for blue
4 orbs of magic for yellow
4 trap tools for purple


ok thanks a lot SWEG

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Don’t forget the chainmail shirts, scabbards, and battle manuals! :wink:

3 Chainmail Shirts = Red, Yellow, 3 Scabbards = Purple, Green, 3 Battle Manual = Blue

Although, that hopefully won’t be a problem :grin:

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And a partridge in a pear tree…


Hers a great visual I stole from someone on this forum :grin:


It’s incorrect. 5* heroes require 8 not 4 of the 3* items like hidden blades etc

It is correct just showing steps not all items per 4* or 5*.

It says 4 hidden blades for max red 5* hero etc it’s incorrect. It takes 8 blades or orbs or capes etc

It just shows last ascension. And in the last ascension you need 4 not 8


My bad. 20 characters

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As @Luiz stated, it shows last ascension for 4* and 5* - but you can also read it as what is required for final ascension 4* is the same as what is required for third ascension 5*…


I see that now. It was the food quantity that clicked.

I just found this picture, and I was just wondering that if I’m gonna ascend Wu Kong to the level 3 and it needed 3 chainshirts AND 2 tall boots, that’s not in the picture, So If I raise now, that I need besides orb of magic to level 4?

@ansa that graphic only shows what is needed for the last level of ascension for 4 & 5* heroes (Since the 3rd level of a 5 uses the same as the 4th level of a 4, that information is a bonus :grimacing: ).

To raise Wu from the 3rd to 4th level, you’ll need:

  1. 442k food
  2. 1 compass
  3. 1 fine glove
  4. 3 chain shirts
  5. 4 orbs

Hi !:slight_smile:

Does someone know the items etc for the evolution of a purple costume ?

Thanks !

The only non farmable required for the last level of a 4* purple costume is a single Trap Tools. Can’t remember what else is needed but remainder should be minor farmable items and 442k of food

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