Evil Pixie [Forum-game]

Wish granted. But your boss will be calling you on the phone all day :slight_smile:

I wish my phone doesn’t have to be charged.

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Granted. But it will be very slow and laggy.

I wish I was a dragon.

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Granted, you become Vivica’s pet dragon. Too bad she also brings you into battle…

I wish my house would always be clean


Granted. But you work so much that you are never home. You move into your office instead.

The kid says, “I wish for a gryffin!”


Granted. The Gryffin then eats all the kid’s toys :frowning:

I wish my parents and my husband would get along


Granted. They now get along so well that your husband asks your parents to move in with you.

I wish my 2 cats would get along.


Granted, and then here comes a sausage dog chewing up the cats’ toys.

I wish for unlimited supply of donuts at no cost.

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Granted, but you will only receive week old donuts. Enjoy!

I wish for a lifetime supply of tickets, for 4, to all major sporting events, worldwide.

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Granted. You receive tickets with obstructed views. Either a pole or support beam or camera man is always in your way.

I wish gas prices would go down.

Granted, but you are forced to use horse for the next 10 years.

I wish for green 5* hero from game Empires & Puzzles that isn’t S1