Evil Pixie [Forum-game]

You get a brand-new Telluria avatar! She looks great on your profile page.

I wish my body looked like an underwear model’s

Granted. You now look like the cartoon lumberjack from Duluth’s commercials.

I wish I had a new laptop that works


Granted, you get your laptop but it dies two days after warranty. :slight_smile:

Pass the wish

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I wish I looked like the cartoon lumberjack from Duluth’s commercials.

Oh wait… I kind of do. Scratch that.

I wish I had a 5* healer.


Granted, RNG is on your side, suddenly you got not only 1 5* healer but 3, where vivica, ariel and heimdall join ur rooster, but you accidently feed all of them to dawa.

I wish no one reply my wish

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Nice try, Pixie turns you in an orange anyway.

I wish Pixie turns good again.


“What is this? Wanting to make me good? I’ll strike you down with the help of RNGenus!”

I wish Pixie kills @Tunixgut’s next raid team. :slight_smile:

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Granted, Pixie kills Tunixgut’s raid team as practice for yours. Have fun trying to revenge her! Every hero you send, she turns into an orange… :slight_smile:

I wish I could stay in each raid tournament until Day 5, instead of being eliminated halfway…


Granted, u stay at 1% on each tourney but the loot reward u got always junk.

I wish the person who reply me doesn’t have any wish

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Granted. I reply to the THREAD, not to you.

I wish I could eat as much as I wanted, without getting fat.

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Granted. U can eat as much as u want without getting fat because u always vomit whatever comes into your mouth and belly :face_vomiting:

I wish my wish isn’t granted

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As you wish and with that we enter a space time paradox because your wish was granted and at the same time it wasn’t. Anyway you turn into an orange. Again.

I wish SG would listen.


Granted. SG is listening but refuse to respond.

I wish good thing will happen to person who reply this thread below me


granted! I feel like that wish did come true for me.

pass the wish, cause i already got mine

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Restarting this, with a little help from @Shohoku79:

Granted. The game will still be around in 30 years, but will you? :smiling_imp:

I wish it turned out that Small Giant is partnering with Nerf toys to give everyone one of these:

Which of course we’d use for:


Granted! Small Giant has this really cool new VR interface that lets you play with nerf guns… but only with other E&P players within a 3 square meter radius. Oh, and you just got forcibly relocated to Nauru. Yeah, yeah, I know. Have fun starting your own alliance there.

I wish everyone would always be nice and kind

Granted, everyone is always nice and kind making us easy prey to future alien overlords, leaving is all enslaved for eternity. :alien:

I wish I was a lil bit taller, I wish I was a baller…

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Granted. You are juuuuust tall enough to always bump your head in the doorways of your place.

I wish I had one of each hero in the game, including those about to be released (I will automatically get one copy every time a new one comes out)

Granted, but these are the special edition vegan heroes that refuse to eat ham, or other heroes, so they perpetually remain at 1-1.

I wish the heroes being buffed were actually heroes I had (other than Khagan).

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Granted. SG announces buffs for all the 1* and 2* heroes!

I wish it were not so hot here in my apartment!

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